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Training Peaks – New Threshold Value ?’s

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    After running a Depletion Run from the Level-2 marathon plan, I received a New Threshold Heart Rate Value and updated Training Peaks as suggested.

    1) After updating I see that the Zones have changed. Old zones were {1,2,X,3,Y,4,5} and the new zones are now {1,2,3,4,5A,5B,5C}. Is there a reference that will explain the difference between these? How do I go about using them in my plan now?

    2) I have a Garmin Forerunner. I was frequently looking at it to ensure I remained in heart zone 2. About an hour in, the watch told me my heart rate was 50+ beats higher than what it was throughout the first hour. I am sure this was a malfunction because I didn’t feel any differently, my breathing was good, and I had no desire to stop. It corrected itself after 45 minutes and went back to the zone 2 range I’d expected it to be in.
    – Should I skip adjusting the heart rate value this time and revert back to the old zone settings?



    In reference to your 1st question, those are the default TP zones. Those aren’t the 80/20 zones. You, unfortunately, can’t update the zones from the app. You will need to edit the zones on a computer or use the desktop site from a mobile. Go into settings and change the zones there.

    Make sure the zones for.default and running are updated.

    Finally, what settings are you using for zones on the Garmin? The standard Garmin zone 2 and the 80/20 zones aren’t the same




    Thanks for the response!

    On the website, zones\heart\Threshold Heart Rate … i put in the new value.
    Below that, auto-calculation <choose type>
    -choices … Lactate Threshold, Maximum Heart Rate, Max and Resting Heart Rate, LT and Maximum Heart Rate
    – for each Type, there is a Method to choose from
    – playing around with these, the only Type that has a corresponding 80/20 Running Method is the Lactate Threshold type

    Which do I choose for 80/20 Running when I receive a “New Heart Rate Threshold” alert?



    You would choose the lactate threshold and choose the 80/20 method.

    David Warden

    Per our document Understanding Your TrainingPeaks Structured Workout Plan, we recommend:

    …to disable the options “Notify me of suggested threshold changes via email” and “Automatically apply new threshold changes” at the very bottom of the TrainingPeaks Zones setup page. The thresholds discovered and proposed by TrainingPeaks are not compatible with the 80/20 zones.

    TP estimates your threshold, and estimates poorly. Just turn off the auto-notify and auto-calculate and use the testing frequency and protocol from our document Intensity Guidelines for Running.



    Thanks David!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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