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Training Plan level up

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    Hey guys!

    My first triathlon race (Sprint distance – planned at the first weekend of May) was recently canceled because of Corona.

    My question now is, if it is feasible to jump from the Level 1 Sprint Distance Plan to the Level 2 Olympic Distance Plan (with a 2 weeks break of active recovery like you recommended in a recent mail).

    I already found a race (Olympic distance) at the beginning of September that would fit and there is a theoretical option to jump from the Level 1 Training Plan to the Level 2 Training Plan for this race (as I found some spare weeks because of the cancellation of the race in May which enables me to take the 19 weeks for the Level 2 plan, which would have not been possible with the race in May taking place)

    I would stop the formal Level 1 Sprint Distance Plan at the end of Week 13 (which has 8h 40min of planned duration in this week), insert the above mentioned 2 weeks of active recovery/break and then would start the Level 2 Olympic Distance Plan (which starts at 8h 43min in its Week 1 and sounds like a doable increase)

    Some history to give you a bit more context of my fitness history:
    I started Triathlon training in October of 2019 and, quite fast, discovered your maintenance plan, which I did follow through from November 2019 till early January, where I started the formal Level 1 Sprint Distance Plan.

    Before that, I was completely inactive for quite exactly a year (built my house) and even before that I was a casual running (2-4 h unstructured running a week) and did quite some HIIT bodyweight training.

    All in all, does this sound feasible with my training/fitness history or is the risk of injury/burn-out to high if I jump to Level 2 “that early”?

    David Warden


    You built your own house? I’m impressed. I can barely assemble an Ikea couch.

    The jump is not too much, particularly with your history of the Maintenance plan and the Sprint plan to Week 13. The runway you’ve given yourself is plenty long, with a nice break that we recommend already accounted for.

    Remember, the Sprint and Maintenance plans still have you perform regular 1.5 hour runs and 2.0 hours bike rides. Jumping to an event approximately 2.5 hours long will not be a problem, the challenge will be how fast you can go for that distance! And September is plenty of time to do that well.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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