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TrainingPeaks – Garmin Calendar Sync Issues

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    Hi All,

    I noticed that my HM plan (start date 12/6) is not syncing to my Garmin Connect calendar. I disconnected them, and reconnected, but that hasn’t solved the issue. I opened an inquiry with TrainingPeak to see if they can help before I ask Garmin.

    Is anyone else currently experiencing this issue? I am wondering if it is an API issue or just my account.



    Hi – sometimes you have to disconnect and then reconnect your links between Garmin and Tesiningpeaks. You can do this by clicking in TrainingPeaks (web version) on your name (top right), then clicking on apps and devices. Go to manage connections, and you should see your Garmin connection there. I have disconnected and reconnected in the past to rest and the structured workouts have them appeared in Garmin Connect. Best of luck!


    Thanks! I disconnected and reconnected via the web version of TrainingPeaks earlier today, but that has not fixed the issue.

    I will wait to see what TrainingPeaks support says.


    TP got back to me – the Garmin sync now only sends the next 5 days of workouts to Garmin.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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