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Trainingpeaks PMC lying

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    So, i’ve read the blog post about how the performance management chart in Trainingpeaks is lying to you, and i need some help adjusting accordingly.

    This week i started my marathon training block and did a Stryd CP 3/9 test to establish accurate running zones. I can rewrite my CTL with the existing/ new treshold pace, but how does this work for power? I can only fill in the bike power, but no running power. How do i know if the CTL i’m looking at is correct? Should i overwrite the existing data – although it’s bike power – with the new data? (new CP from Stryd, because my treshold pace stayed the same).


    Oh, and should i change the values in TP every time i have a new CP? I just want the data to accurately reflect my current fitness, and not look at some random number.

    David Warden


    TP does not make this obvious, but you are just missing the Add Activity option in your TP Zones to add Run Power. Go into your TP Settings, Zones, scroll to the bottom of the Power section, and probably just below the bike zones add Run and Add Activity. Fill those in as 80/20 Run Power zones and, voila! See for an image.

    Yes, you change your thresholds every time you have a new threshold, including the CP. This is the only way to get an accurate PMC.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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