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Transition from Pace-Based Plan

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    I am training for a half marathon on 01/16/2022, using a McMillan pace-based L3 training plan 6 days/week, and currently just over 6 hours/week. I have a Stryd that I use for racing, but do not use for training. With 6 weeks left to race day, I am thinking of switching to your comparable HM power-based plan. My training has included easy/long runs, tempo runs, cruise intervals, fast-finish runs, sprint/speed (VO2Max) workouts, and goal pace runs. Are there any transition issues/concerns that would advise against starting your plan at this point in my training cycle? Thanks!

    Matt Fitzgerald

    As long as the overall loads are comparable, it should be a fairly smooth transition. Note that our Level 3 half-marathon plans feature 8-9 runs per week, our Level 2 plans have 6-7 runs per week, and out Level 1 plans have 6 runs per week.


    Thanks for the fast reply. I have loaded the 2021 Edition Free Sample Marathon Level 2 Power-based plan into my Training Peaks calendar; which weeks of the full training plan correspond to the two weeks in the sample?

    A follow-up question: Mild winters where I live in Southern California make the months Dec – June an excellent time to be racing. I am planning to race half marathons about every 3-4 weeks in the next few months. Which of your training plans do you suggest for keeping me “race ready” during this time, or would I just repeat the weeks in the HM plan leading up to the next race?


    Matt Fitzgerald

    I don’t know the answer to the first question but I can find out. Regarding the second question, none of our training plans are designed for such a high frequency of racing. It can be done, though you’ll have a hard time attaining any true peak performances on such a schedule.

    If I can’t talk you out of attempting to race that often for such an extended period of time, I would try to talk you into using an acyclical approach to periodization, which would require a completely customized training plan. We do offer this service, but our custom plans cost more than our readymade plans. There’s just no way to achieve the same effect by decontextualizing small bits of a plan built on a traditional linear approach to periodization.

    David Warden

    J, our free sample plans are always the first two weeks of the plan, so that you can seamlessly transition into the rest of the plan if you like what you see (and you will!).


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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