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Two 70.3s in 2 weeks

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    My A race has been now rescheduled from June to end of Sept, which is 2 weeks after another 70.3.

    Think I know the answer, but is it advisable to try to race hard at both, can you actually perform at 100% with 2 weeks rest between 2 events.

    1. Mid Sept race (21 weeks away) – course probably suits me less (hilly run) and age group at past events has been fast/competitive

    2. Late Sept race (was A race – now 23 weeks away) – flat run and lumpy cycle suiting me better. Age group is not quite as competitive

    Started level 2 70.3 training plan at Xmas – but went into maintenance about 5 weeks ago, but now intending to start level 3 next week.

    Ambition is to try to qualify for 2020 70.3 world champs. So is it worth having 2 goes at it (hence 100% for both events), or focusing on 1 and using the other as training race or back up plan.

    Thanks for any advice 🙂


    David Warden


    I love that after weeks of discussion of event cancellation and postponement, we finally get to talk about two 70.3s in two weeks!

    While the timing of two events is not ideal, I would absolutely go all-in for the first event. You can likely be at 100% for event 1 and 95% for event 2. Trying to “split the baby” by going 97% for both just makes it less likely you’ll qualify the first time.

    You will probably be recovered from the first event (form), but your fitness will be a bit lower.

    I may be wrong, some athletes can bounce back faster, I’m assuming you are a “typical” athlete. Regardless, you can do both for sure.



    Thanks David for the advice 🙂

    I usually recover pretty quickly so having 2 events close together shouldn’t be an issue.

    Have taken advantage of the delay to build a better base but also get down to race weight before starting training plan – so can just focus on training rather then weight loss as well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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