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Two marathons on 1 plan

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    Howdy! I’m currently using a modified version of the Level 2 marathon plan from the 80/20 Running book aimed at running the Honolulu Marathon on December 12th. This one is my “goal” race as I will be running it with my brother and want to make sure I don’t fall apart.

    However, due to Covid schedule shifts, I am also planning to run a marathon on October 31st (6 weeks prior to Honolulu). I have adjusted my plan to have this marathon as week 11 of the plan since that has a 20-miler, followed by a recovery week. I cut out a later week to fit it in the schedule. So if you are looking at the book, my plan looks something like this:

    Week 11 (marathon #1)
    Week 12 (recovery)
    Week 13
    Week 14
    Week 16
    Week 17 (taper)
    Week 18 (marathon #2)

    My question is this: what’s the best approach for marathon #1? Since I’m technically only supposed to run 20 miles that day, should I do a run-walk for the race so that I don’t get too beat up? I’m not really worried about finish time because I’m in this one for the experience and am happy to just enjoy the day, but I’m well aware that I’m still “in training” and don’t want to do anything that would jeopardize the race in Honolulu. Any suggestions on how to best prepare myself for Honolulu are appreciated!

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Walk-run is a good idea. Generally speaking, it’s not crazy to run a marathon as a workout if you’re very fit. Here’s an article I wrote on the subject a while back:

    The Art of the Marathon-as-Workout


    Thanks Matt! Good to know that I have a variety of options.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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