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Ultra Slow Heartrate

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    So I’ve got an interesting one.

    Shortly after my HM, I developed a heart rhythm issue. I’m now one of those lucky folks on heart meds. This keeps my heartrate lower than it was. My resting HR is now regularly in the upper 40s. Hoping this will be a short time thing and I can be back to normal soon.

    During my HM training, my ER8 heartrate averaged 144. Today I did an RF6, so basically the same Z2 run just 3 miles shorter and my average HR was 118.

    Just curious on your thoughts on training now with that type of HR. There’s no medical issue working out, just wondering about what it means for my endurance training.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Are you training by pace or power? I assume so. If that’s the case, and if RPE is aligned with your existing zones, then only your HR zones have changed, which is immaterial if you aren’t using HR as your primary intensity metric.


    I use pace for running.

    Was just wondering if running the same pace but having a HR 25+ beats lower may somehow actually be beneficial.

    Also curious if I should run another FTP to see if it is actually different.

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    Matt Fitzgerald

    No, don’t expect that. Heart rate only follows; it never leads.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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