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    I’ve been training for almost 8 weeks and i’m not sure how to update zones. Is it automatically done by training peaks? or is a manual process?
    Some days are very slow and i think i should update zones. One of the foundation runs said that i can use foundation run to do that, but the distance in the fundation run (30 minutes) is less than the 5k required and more than 20 minute test.

    Another question. After update zones ( manually or automatically) my garmin devices will update zones?



    How did you determine your original zones?


    I’ve gotten alerts from time to time on both my Garmin Watch and Training Peaks that a new threshold was detected. Never at the same time.

    You really need to go into Training Peaks and Garmin Connect settings and enter the zones from one of the tests to be certain you have everything set up properly. Once you have entered the new values Training Peaks will update your workouts on the next sync.

    My personal preference is to keep it simple so I use the Talk Test and the 80/20 calculators. For example, yesterday I added the Power IQ app to my watch and today did a Talk Test run just to see were things fall. Entering the information into the 80/20 calculator from today’s run I was able establish a starting point for FTP (power) for the first time that will allow me to become familiar with training with power before my next training segment.

    I have not updated my zones on Garmin Connect or Training Peaks yet, but Garmin Connect seems to have picked up a good FTP when compared to the 80/20 calculator, but I don’t know whether by capturing todays data, or coincidence.


    I assume you set your zones up using our 80/20 Intensity Guidelines and performed a field test when you started your plan?
    Then you updated your zones in Training Peaks https://www.8020endurance.com/understanding-trainingpeaks-workout-plan/
    If you feel that that the zones have become too easy at certain efforts as your fitness has improved then you can do a retest as explained in the Intesnity Guidelines above. “As your fitness level changes, you will need to adjust your zones to keep them current. The easiest way to do this is to perform a Talk Test during a Foundation Run or Recovery Run whenever you feel that you have “outgrown” your current zones”. You should be able to perform this talk test in the time set for a foundation/recovery run.
    You will need to manually update your zones in Training Peaks (I suggest not having it set where it automatically updates due to race data changing threshold and if you have any recording issues with your watch).
    Here is a link that will give you more info on how zones translate to your Garmin Device through Garmin Connect.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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