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Use 140.6 plan for a half?

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    I was pretty much at peak volume when lake placid was cancelled, now I’m setting my sights on Atlantic City in September. I’m using level 2 and really looking to get a good time. Am I better off resetting my 140.6 plan with an end date on 9/13, or switching to a half IM plan. The workouts don’t seem too different, only the volume.

    David Warden


    I think that IM volume is just too much for an upcoming 70.3. It’s probably hard to let go of the IM fitness you have, and that you can’t cash in on all that hard work. But, it’s not worth the overtraining risk to go with the IM plan, IMO.

    A compromise might be for you to switch to the 70.3 Level 3 plan instead of the Level 2 plan and then add strength training to the Level 3 plan. The IM Level 2 plan averages 11:20 per week and the 70.3 Level 3 averages 11 hours. Add the strength training, and you’ll be above your current IM Level 2 training. Or, stick with Level 2 and add strength training and you’ll be really close to your IM Level 2 at 11:20 a week.

    Plus, the advantage of the 70.3 plan is that you’ll certainly be faster at a 70.3 than using IM volume. The workouts are not that different, but it’s not just the total weekly volume that different, it’s the total individual longest workouts that are different, which allows you to add a bit more speed to your 70.3 race simulations over and over so you can kill it at that distance on race day.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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