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Was sick, lost fitness and need advice

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    First off, love your plans so far, great program!

    Second, the back story. 2nd year in triathlon. For this season Been training consistently since September 2019 after taking all of August off after my races in 2019. Started your 12 week maintenance in Dec and your level 1 70.3 on February 24th. Was seeing great gains, i.e went from a 225 to 305 ftp and dropped 7 mins off my 5k PB.

    Just as the new plan was about to commence of Feb 24, I came down with strep throat, which put me out of commission for 1.5 weeks, lost 15 lbs and many sleepless nights. For recovery, made sure I was feeling good, finished my prescription, and then did a couple easy spin rides and a foundation run…wasn’t hitting great numbers but wanted to get some exercise. I then went out of country for work for 5 days, hoped to get some workouts in, but ended up walking about 30,000+ steps each day, decided not to push things.

    So back on the program last week and my performances are utterly terrible, tried doing bike workouts, where I set my ftp to 215 (and struggled) and was putting up record high HR avg for all-time and 2020 in training peaks. Typically I would stay at 140 HR around 220-240 watts and i can’t keep 180 watt under 150 HR. I’m putting down running paces in RF that are equivalent to sept/oct paces. Basically feels like I lost 3+ months of training. So either I’m still recovering from my sickness or I just lost a crap tons of fitness. Pools are closed, so I can’t tell how my swimming is and our bodies of water are still frozen, but guessing its crap.

    Now I have 14 weeks until my race (training as if not cancelled in case it isn’t). Do I just stick with the current plan? Slow things down for a few weeks? Or start ramping up the volume(gradual). I feel fine, just output isn’t great.

    Any advice is appreciated.

    David Warden


    What a month you’ve had!

    First, it’s normal and expected to lose fitness with both illness and with lack of activity. You’ve experienced both.

    Second, because of your strong history, it will start to come back fast, but you’ll need a few months to get it back. Be patient, it will happen.

    Finally, yes, stick with a plan. However, maybe its best to drop a level until you are back on track. If you are on a Level 1, don’t hesitate to drop to a Level 0. Our Level Guarantee always allows you to switch levels within the same distance. Try a lower level for a few weeks, and if you are able to adhere to the plan, go back up to your original level. Otherwise, no loss in sticking with a lower level for this particular event and leveling up again for the second half fo 2020.



    Thanks David.

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