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    Since getting the 80/20 book, I’ve started my Week of Slow. For reference, my last non-80/20 workout was a 45 mile gravel bike ride in which my time spent in Z1 and Z2 was an embarrassing 38%. In my defense, my runs prior to then were not terrible. But I am building back up after an injury sidelined me for a few weeks.

    Since then, my workouts have been at least 95% Z1/Z2 with the exception of a run the other day that was 93% (had a few hills). After a bunch of runs and a few rides at the new intensity, I’m beginning to understand why I’ve been so inconsistent in my training.

    Planning on keeping the ratio in the 90’s while I build my mileage back up. Thanks!

    Anyone else do the Week of Slow?


    I’m actually doing a “week of slow” this week. Mainly because I unintentionally overdid it last week, especially on Saturday. So I decided to dial back the intensity this week. All zones 1 and 2. It’s Wednesday and I’m feeling great! Feels like the fatigue from last week has finally been erased.

    For what it’s worth, I missed a total of 11 weeks of running (due to injuries) between July and November. The first time, I missed 6 weeks. Then 6 weeks into running again, the next injury took me out for 5 weeks. This Friday will be 18 weeks since I started back to running. Staying strong and learning when to back off have made a huge difference. Hope your recover continues to go well.


    @alancraig: Did you throw in a week of slow even though you are in the middle of a training plan or are you maintaining and therefore throw in a week of slow to get rid of fatigue?


    At this time, I’m following a program, but I’m not preparing for a specific race. However, I might pick up a couple of shorter races this spring. The main reason was to get rid of some fatigue from last week. A couple of times, while training for a marathon, I’ve ended up doing an unplanned slow week. Not very often, but occasionally when I might have overdone it the prior week.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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