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Wetsuit not allowed race

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    Curry Gallagher

    So, there are many positing that my upcoming race (DesMoines) will be wetsuit optional. Swim is in a small shallow lake and all this heat gives the possibility that the water temp will be above 76.

    I’m trying to prepare my self for that possibility and decide the best course of action for my race. I’m a middle of pack swimmer with mostly bad form, but an above average cyclist and strong runner.

    Option #1 – swim with regular group and NO wetsuit
    -my fear is that I will exhaust myself on the swim without that added buoyancy because my legs typically sink and I’ll have to work harder to likely get a slower time
    -then i won’t be able to do as well on bike and/or run as a result of the swim

    Option #2 – swim with all wetsuit people in the last wave (after 3000 other competitors)
    -my concern is then going out later and having to run in much hotter temps as a result of it being later in the day


    David Warden


    I lean towards #2. If you are a strong runner, don’t be afraid of that additional heat. Additionally, there is an advantage in starting late and being a strong cyclist, as you can gain the benefit of the legal draft in passing hundreds of other cyclists. I calculate that you gain 1/2 a second for each person you legally pass when you use the full 30 seconds to pass and don’t surge your power.


    Curry Gallagher

    Only other thought is would I get overheated swimming in warm water with the wetsuit on?

    David Warden

    I’m not as concerned about that, but it is a risk. What if you test this out in a pool on your next long swim? Temperature in the pool would be about 80 degrees? I happen to have huge head and huge hands* and feet, and I’m small at 160 pounds, so I can dissipate heat well. A 190-lb athlete with smaller head, small feet and small hands don’t dissipate heat as well. So, let’s test it out for you.

    Sleve-less wetsuit may be a good option too.

    It seems to me that you will increase fatigue without the wetsuit and you might overheat with the wetsuit so I lean towards wetsuit again.

    I hope I don’t destroy your race and have you in the med tent at T1…


    *I have huge hands, bigly hands. Don’t you dare say I don’t.

    Curry Gallagher

    Yeah, I think that I dissipate heat well also (at least running and biking)

    I am going to do an OWS tomorrow without a wetsuit (will have a buoy) and see how that goes.

    I’ve swam in that quarry with a wetsuit twice now and can compare how I feel after swimming the perimeter (1000 meters)

    But I’ll also try to squeeze in a pool swim with a suit too.


    Curry Gallagher

    I also have the option of just wearing my roka buoyancy shorts instead of a full wetsuit. Still in back but no need to be as concerned with overheating.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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