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What Should I Do?

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    I bought and started Marathon Level I training about 6 weeks ago because I intended to run a marathon in June/July time frame. Well, those have been cancelled.

    So, my next scheduled event is the MCM which is in October. My plan runs out way before that.

    What should I do now? Should I just continue training on the plan, and then restart at the right time to coincide with the MCM date?

    I am progressing and getting better and do not want to lose any of this work that I have put in to this point. Just not sure what is the best thing to do?

    Thank you!!


    That is my exact situation. The marathon I was training for should have taken place in June, but was then postponed to October. I restarted the marathon training plan because the hard stuff isn’t actually that hard, and the long runs aren’t really that long in the first weeks. I will follow the plan until I have 18 weeks left, and then I will restart the plan.


    I too was in the same boat as probably many. I was doing the Half Marathon Level 2 and did a restart but after reading a reply on the forum have taken a different approach.

    I’ve dropped onto maintenance and trying to improve my VO2 by training in the top end of the range given and while it feels it’s a bit of a resting state compared to the previous training but I will start my marathon level 2 training 18 weeks to the event I have (at this stage) in November being a bit rested and better for it I hope.

    David Warden

    Thomas, also consider reviewing our extended recommendations at https://www.8020endurance.com/how-to-modify-your-training-right-now/ You would mostly fall into scenario 2.

    In summary, consider either performing a virtual or solo race in June/July and maintain your existing Marathon training, or move to Maintenance until your October event training begins.

    And don’t despair! As you’ve said, you’ve gained great fitness from the plan, with or without your race.


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