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What to do in-between plans?

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    This is what my year is playing out to look like:
    – Finishing Level 2 Marathon on March 7th
    – Take a few weeks off/easy running
    – Start Level 2 5K plan on April 4th and complete June 5th
    – I’ll have 7-8 weeks between the 5k plan and starting the marathon plan again on August 1st.

    Should I do 7 weeks of the maintenance plan or repeat the first 7 weeks of the marathon plan or something entirely different?

    David Warden


    I love your few weeks off of easy running after the marathon. That’s hard for many athletes to accept as needed, but it is critical for multi-year success.

    You really don’t need a long break after the 5K, maybe a week, so we are looking to fill 7 solid weeks before you start the next marathon plan.

    I don’t recommend repeating the first 7 weeks of the Marathon plan. Repeating the first 3 weeks is fine, but after that it has diminishing returns. The Maintenance plan is the best option.

    AND, we now have the Run Maintenance plan in 4 Levels: Level 0-4 like our other offerings. It’s still off-menu, but by June it will be available through the TP store. You’ll want at least a Level 2 Maintenance plan, maybe Level 3 and we’ll have a comparison chart up by then too for you to see the difference between the Maintenance levels.



    Thanks for the reply! This is great and I’m excited about the leveled maintenance plans!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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