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When is ‘rest week’

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    Dumb question.

    I am rereading the ‘Understand your plan’ and ‘getting started’ documents since I’m about to start my next plan and needed the refresher on when to recalc LTP. I noticed that it’s recommended to retest LTP on the rest week. We’ll, I’ve been lazy and let garmin auto update my LTP for too long, even though I know that isn’t the preferred method.

    My question is, how do I identify the rest week in say my level 2 marathon plan? I’m sure it’s as obvious as ‘when the mileage is lower’, but I’m just wondering if the weeks are actually labeled as phases or something that I’m not seeing. I only see the daily workouts in the month calendar view.

    Again, sorry for being the dumb question guy haha 😄


    Every third week

    David Warden

    …but, some of our plans have it every 4th week. In your marathon plan, it is every 3rd week (Week 3, 6, 9…) It’s easy to tell the rest week in any plan, 80/20 or otherwise. Any time there is a drop in planned duration from one week to another, that is the rest week. TP makes this easy with a Total Duration summary at the end of every week. When you browse through your calendar and see a week go down from the week before, that’s the rest week.



    I’m sure you’ve answered this a million times, but which workout in either a tri or marathon plan is best to substitute the threshold test for?

    Nevermind. I just saw the answer in a different topic. Replace the most difficult workout of the week.

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    David Warden

    Covered in our Intensity Guidelines for Running document!

    Many athletes like to update their zones on a regular schedule. If you wish to do so, choose a preferred testing method and repeat it during every second recovery week beginning with the first recovery week of your plan. Note that recovery weeks fall every third week in all of our run plans. Thus, if you elect to perform scheduled testing, you will test in Week 3, Week 9, Week 12, etc. Your zone tests will be least disruptive to the overall training process if you do it in place of the most challenging workout of the relevant week that features efforts in Zone 3 or higher. For example, the most challenging workout featuring efforts in Zone 3 or higher in Week 9 of our Level 1 Half-Marathon Plan is a Hill Repetitions Run (RHR37). This would be the best run to replace with a test.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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