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Which plan for IRONMAN 70.3® should I choose?

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    I am not sure which plan should I choose.
    I am thinking about Edition IRONMAN 70.3® Level 0 or Level 1

    I competed in some triatlons before (1/8, 1/4, olympic distance) BUT I am 45, work in 2 schools (sometimes qute tiring) and once a week I train karate (for about 2 hours).

    I am afraid that Level 0 can be too easy for me but on the other hand Level 1 seems quite demanding (I defenetly won’t be able to do 9 training sessions every week)…

    Can you help me make a decission?
    What would you recommend?

    Thanks for your help and advice

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    In my opinion, it all boils down to the question of how much time you can dedicate to triathlon training. That can only be answered by you and by comparing the weekly hours per training plan.
    A well executed level 0 (including strength plug in) is better than a level 1 attempt with lots of skipped workouts.
    I did level 3 earlier this year and now do level 2 b/c of my available time. Could I do level 3 based on my fitness etc.? Yes. But it makes no sense if you know ahead of time that you will be unable to stick to the plan…
    I hope that helps


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    I agree with Winora. If you have not done a 70.3 before, I would start with the Level 0 plan. That will give you two days off to fit in your Karate. On your work days, you’ll have workouts typically under an hour, which are easier to fit in to your schedule, or reschedule if you miss a day, without putting too much stress on your body. If you are feeling good at this level you can always add in strength sessions. I’d give it a year at this pace and see if you can establish a rhythm that works with your lifestyle before leveling up.


    Fastmazor and winoria thanks for your suggestions

    I forgot to add that I also do 1 strength training a week and apart from my regular job I am also a councilman in my city (= some extra work form time to time).

    Probably I will do Level 0 as you recommended.
    I am sure that it will be impossible for me to do 9 sesions every week… I would have to skip some of it…
    I hope Level 0 will be challenging enough 😉


    David Warden

    …and remember, you can always switch levels for free. If Level 0 is too easy, we’ll get you Level 1.



    David Warden even in the middle of the plan? 😉

    David Warden

    Sure, you would just unload the Level 1 plan then load the Level 0 plan using the same end date. It’s certainly somewhat disruptive to training, but much less disruptive than being on the wrong Level. Sort of like changing a flat tire on a car. Inconvenient, but well worth it in the end.



    This begs the question which workouts are best to skip.

    If one is using Level 1, or I guess any plan, and for whatever reason a workout needs to be skipped for a given week, which workout type is the best to skip?

    David Warden

    Of course, it depends…

    – Skip your strength first, weaknesses last
    – All skills being equal, the order of importance is bike, run, swim (based on the time you spend in each leg of the race, of course) so skip swim first, bike last (very, very rare for any athlete to say they are equal in all 3 sports)
    – Skip the shortest workout first, longest last (in general, lots of exceptions here).
    – Alternate between skipping high intensity and low intensity. Meaning, if you skip a high intensify one week, skip a low the next.
    – Of course, this order does not work if you have to miss a workout every single week. At some point, skipping your strength every week means it will no longer be a strength. This is an “acute” plan, not a “chronic” plan for skipping workouts.



    Makes sense. Thanks.

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