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Why no cool down?

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    Why do none of the new cycling plan workouts have a cooldown interval?


    There are cool down intervals in the cycling workouts of our new plans. The only workouts where you won’t see a dedicated cool down is the easy rides where you are in zone 1 and zone 2 throughout so don’t need extended time to bring the HR down to cool down before ending the workout.
    Which plan are you following?


    Hi Leyla,

    I’m sorry but what you’re saying is incorrect. None of the workouts within the new cycling plan “80/20 Cycling: Gran Fondo – 120km to 160km – Level 1 Power-based Zwift Compatible” have cool downs.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Leyla’s right. Except for Fast Finish Rides, there are no 80/20 cycling workouts that end at moderate or high intensity. Now, it is true that Zone 2-focused rides such as Easy Rides and Endurance rides don’t step down to Zone 1 at the end. This is simply because it serves no physiological purpose to do so.



    I must have a different version if the plan to you. Even 6fast finish rides have no cooldown…

    For example…

    CFA7 (Zone 3 Fast Finish Ride)

    5:00 in Zone 1
    45:00 in Zone 2
    10:00 in Zone 3

    Matt Fitzgerald

    You misread what I wrote. Fast Finish Rides are called Fast Finish Rides because they finish fast, i.e., they have no cooldown. These, however, are the ONLY 80/20 cycling workouts that END at or above Zone X.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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