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    Hello. I work from 4pm to 4am Most of the time, Monday through Friday. My question is how should I use your plans? I’m very tired when I get in late morning. Should I try to workout sleep then do another before work? Or just sleep and knock the two out back to back be for work?


    Matt Fitzgerald

    First, be sure that you can realistically handle the training load of the plan you’ve chosen, given your lifestyle. An athlete who works 12-hour days simply can’t train as much as an athlete who works 8-hour days.

    If you believe you can handle the full training load, then go with whatever feels best. As you describe it, you’ll probably have better luck doing your workouts back-to-back after you wake up. So give that a try, but treat it as an experiment and be willing to adjust if necessary.


    I have started my training and this is my first year as a runner and I am looking forward to it, and running definitely helps me focus on my professional work too, but the issue is the work’s which is 3d logos design is quite time demanding and I cant be able to manage my training and my work-life simultaneously, been fighting with this dilemma for some time now, I am just wondering how you all manage it

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    Not sure this is what you’re looking for, but you’re basically talking about what most of us have to do which is prioritize.

    We all have to decide what’s the most important use of our time. With a job, wife, older kids, grandkids, I don’t have the time to fit it all in and train as much as I’d like either. So the decision we all make is what’s most important. We all manage it by sacrificing where we need in order to focus on what we deem most valuable.

    This probably would be a more difficult issue for me if I was a select age group triathlete. As it is, I’m simply above average but will never be competing for IM World Championship spots. Thus, if life get’s in the way and I have to skip a workout it’s OK. I simply do the best I can with the end goal of simply performing as well as I can.


    Have you chosen a plan that includes doubles? Ouch…

    From an efficacy perspective you would want to do the two workouts as far apart as possible on the day. When I was working (I’m now retired) I would put my short and easy workouts before the workday and my hard workout after work. Those morning workouts would actually energize me to begin the workday with enthusiasm.

    Most important thing is to make the conscience decision up-front what you know you can commit to consistently – this is where most of us fail. As everyone else points out prioritize; don’t disappoint your friends, family, and yourself for a Level III plan when a Level I plan is good enough. Given time you will find your energy reserves will catch up to your aspirations.


    Just a thought – can you do one of your workouts in your lunch time? Even if not every day, it will break up the sessions and also energise you during your long work time.

    I have done this before and it worked for me.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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