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Workout differences between book and training plans

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    Hi !

    I purchased the book a while ago and used it successfully (lots of PBs in the past two years).

    I recently subscribed to ease the planning and discovered that most of the workouts are differing from the book. For instance, in the marathon plan level 1, no mention of long run with fast finish/speed play, no long interval runs, there are new steady state runs in zone X, … I guess that since the release 7 years ago, data and studies helped refine the training plans.

    I find this very cool because it looks much more diverse and will bring some changes to my training ! However, out of curiosity and to understand a bit more the differences, I wonder if there is somewhere a revised version of the book or at least a short recap of the changes/substitutions and the reasons behind 🙂

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    David Warden


    Thanks for check in and using our plans! 80/20 Running was written in 2013. We’ve continually updated the plans almost annually since that time. The 80/20 DNA still exists, but after multiple revisions you’re seeing a completely different plan, and in 3 years from now it will be totally different again. We’re dedicated to providing the most recent best-practice to all of our plans. I regret we have not kept a log of changes.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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