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Workout on Garmin Watch (Forerunner)

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    I just subscribed to a 21wk Half-Ironman training plan and I am very excited about it. One of the reasons I chose 80/20 and TrainingPeaks was the “Structure Workout” and integration with Garmin. However, I may misunderstand how well this integration is.

    First, here is what I expected. I am just completing a 5k training plan from Garmin’s Coach or Training Plan feature. It got me in great shape and I absolutely loved how the workouts were pushed to my watch. For example, today’s run was a 1 mile warm up, 7 repeats of 3:30 hard + 3:30 easy, the 1 mile warmdown. Each time i transitioned, the watch vibrated and informed me. This is especially nice on the 3:30 repeats. More on this feature here:

    I expected my 80/20 workouts to have the same details on my Garmin Calendar and watch, but it doesn’t. I can see my 80/20 workout on the Garmin Connect calendar (for example, my next run workout is the RSP17).

    Does the “Structured workout” feature or other features provide the same or similar experience as the Garmin Coach Training Plans? What surprises me is in the TrainingPeak browser I can see the workout elements (like hard/easy time intervals), but that info doesn;g get shared with Garmin.

    Am i using the app wrong or do I have the wrong expectation for integration?


    If its any help, I use a Garmin forerunner 735xt and all of the workout runs are in the training calendar once synced. When the workout is selected the Garmin will prompt you with details of each interval (time and target HR – if using HR plan) with an audible cue when each interval is finishing. Once uploaded, this is shared with Training Peaks (to compare against plan) and Strava (if you use it).

    David Warden

    Stein, you absolutely should have those workouts on your watch and prompting you step-by-step, that is the whole point of the structured workout.

    If you can see the workout in Garmin Connect (GC), but they are not on your watch, then the sync is working from TP to GC, but not from GC to the device.

    In these cases, I find it is best to remove the content of the Workouts and Activities folder within the device and resync. Make sure that your activities are up to date and sync’d into TP or GC, as removing them from the Activities folder means they can’t be sync’d again in the future.

    Or, at least just move, not delete, the contents of your Workouts and Activities folder and resync the device. Then you still have access if you need it.



    OK, this does work as expected and I like it! thank you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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