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X-Terra type race training

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    Anyone do any off road X-Terra type racing and have experience with the 80/20 training plans? I am currently prepping for a short course type X-Terra race with an 800 yard swim, 12 mile mountain bike ride, and 4 mile trail run. I chose to use the level 2 Olympic distance plan to get ready for it, but leading up to it I was also completing a normal sprint distance race. Now that I am full into mountain bike road though I am finding the longer low intensity rides are tough to complete and the high intensity intervals are just a shard because honestly I am not a good enough rider to hit the trails that fast!

    Just looking for feedback and experience from others on what has worked well, or didn’t work as I am loving the mountain biking over the roads and TT bike position and can see myself starting to do more off road racing in the years to come. The MOTUS series has several good races close to me so who knows, maybe I will even go for a points championship next year. 🙂


    make that a 15 mile bike ride……

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Mountain bikers and off-road triathletes need to take a different approach to doing the 80/2o thing. First, you need to accept that you’re going to have to include some Zone X-plus riding in almost every trail ride, mainly on climbs, but if you’re disciplined about your approach, you can still keep about 80% of your saddle time below VT1. It’s not that different from how pool swimmers train. The elites adhere to an 80/20 intensity breakdown despite doing some high-intensity sets in every swim.

    Sucking it up and doing one easy road or indoor ride per week will certainly help!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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