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Your thoughts on nasal breathing (Oxygen Advantage, etc.)

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    Hi all.

    I’m writing because I got interested in the possible advantages coming from breathing exercises, mostly apneas. See Wim Hof and Oxygen Advantage.

    Among other things, I started breathing only through the nose while on my long slow runs, and I’m finding it very doable. The advantage I notice is a much better awareness over my respiratory rate (i.e. VT1): today, as usual, I saw my HR drift after 90mins, and while in the past I always felt somehow annoyed and confused by it (I know it happens all the time, but hell!), today I decided to just ignored it because I knew that my respiratory rate had not changed hence my workout was alright.

    What are your thoughts about nose breathing while running? Or breathing exercises to improve your running, i.e. stronger diaphragm, better management of CO2, improved muscle oxygenation and vascularization.
    PS: some even say that apneas can simulate high altitude training, forcing the body to produce more EPO.



    Matt Fitzgerald

    There is solid evidence supporting the notion that respiratory muscle training confers endurance performance benefits. As a general rule, though, I advise against consciously manipulating one’s breathing while running. Short bouts of nose breathing are useful as an alternative Talk Test, though. Relevant reading:

    Will Respiratory Muscle Training Finally Catch On?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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