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    I am wondering how to properly execute and use the various workouts that are designed to confirm or re-establish my zones within my Ironman 70.3 Running pace and Bike HR training plan.

    When I do these workouts, and I get to the Zone 3 segment, should I adhere to what my current zones are or should I be exerting the maximum effort I think I could sustain for thirty minutes in an effort to retest my zones? If I adhere to my current zones, how does that reassess my zones? If I exert the maximum effort I think I could sustain for thirty minutes during the highest phase, do I then take the average from that section as my new LT?

    For example, today I did my CT29 workout, and when I arrived at the 15-minute zone three segment, I accelerated to a pace I felt I could sustain for half an hour, and just to be sure I wasn’t over-estimating my abilities, I continued on at that pace for an additional ten minutes, 25 minutes total. My average HR for this period was 166, 6 BPM over my current zones. I’ve now updated my bike HR zones to reflect this, but I wanted to confirm that this was the appropriate use of this workout.

    David Warden


    Thanks for checking in. Ideally, the a full 20-30 minute test is done each rest week. This is a bit brutal for most athletes. Since LTHR is the least likely to change (usually LTHR remains the same but the pace or power for that LTHR rises with training) we have athletes reach LTHR for several minutes in the RT or RFF workouts, and then determine pace or power at that LTHR. But, if you are trying to test HR, you really need to perform the full 20-30 minutes test.

    In your case, you did! The only change for you is don’t use the average of your 25-minute test, use the peak 20 minutes of your 25-minutes test, which will be somewhat lower than 166.



    In theory if You feel there is a space to reestablish zones … well I would go for it… but it is not everending process… 🙂 so every 4 weeks is more then enough for me to retest. No point retesting every single run I guess.

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