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Zone Distribution within Easy/Hard

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    Hello! I’ve been using the 80/20 triathlon planning for my initial attempts and have been greatly enjoying it, and have a couple questions.

    I get the 80% should be easy, and 20% should be hard, but within those zones, is there any recommendation for, ideally, how much would be Zone 5 vs Zone 3 vs Zone 4? Similarly Zone 2 vs Zone 1? In the Triathlon Training Bible suggested 70-80% Low (which I take to be Zone1/2 here), 15-25% Moderate (which I think is Zone 3) and then 5-15% as High (Zone 4/5). Would that be a good way to think about it? And/or is there a better distribution (perhaps between zone 4/5). I realize it’s a bit splitting hairs perhaps at this point, but I like the idea of optimizing as much as possible.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    The answer to your question is encoded in our plans. Each of them is an example of how to do it. If you were to study them all, you’d see that the general patterns are 1) more emphasis on high vs. moderate intensity in plans focused on shorter race distances, and 2) a gradual shift from high to moderate intensity as the plan moves along toward race day.

    For a fuller discussion of this topic, check out 80/20 TRIATHLON. The book you mentioned is not ours.


    Thank you for the update, I see that in The Science of 80/20 Training chapter there is some discussion at the very end on the matter, missed that at first, thank you for pointing it out. If there are more details in other papers you’ve written/would recommend I would love to read them. Regardless again thank you for the excellent plans and book, I recommend them to everyone I meet starting triathlons!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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