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Zones App on Garmin Not Displaying Right

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    I have a Fenix 6, and have the Bike and Run Zones apps from ConnectIQ on there. The Zones don’t appear to be displaying correctly on either.

    For example, when I’m running and my Stryd is picking up a Zone 2 wattage (110-167), it displays that I’m in Zone 1.

    Same on the bike app. Any advice on how to fix this?

    David Warden

    Sam, this sounds like bullet point 7 or 8 were not completed from our guide at See below, 7 and 8 in bold. The app will use default zones until you tell it what your actual zones are.

    Step 1: Install the 80/20 Zones app on your Garmin device.

  • Be sure you have a Gamin Connect account
  • Install the Garmin Connect smartphone app on your phone
  • Add your Garmin device to the Garmin Connect app and ensure it can successfully sync
  • Load this web page on your smartphone and then click here for the Run app or here for the Bike app
  • Once on the app page, choose Download, accept any permissions, and confirm your device
  • Sync your Garmin device
  • Once sync’d, within the Garmin Connect app go to More-> Garmin Devices-> Choose the device you just sync’d-> Activities, Apps, & More-> Data Fields-> 80/20 Run (or Bike) Zones-> Settings
  • Select your preferred intensity type: Power, Pace, or Heart Rate and enter in your thresholds as identified in the documents Intensity Guidelines for Running or Intensity Guidelines for Triathlon
  • Save and Sync your Garmin device again
  • David


I had noticed this issue too, where my zones would display correctly for about an hour, and then would become wildly inaccurate for the rest of the ride. I saw the app had an update a couple days ago and it appears to be displaying correctly now, but I’ve only tested it with two 1-hour rides since then.

David Warden

Sam and I connected by e-mail and fixed her specific issue, which was just an error in the threshold value and entry. But yes, there is a new version of the app that I understand has improvements.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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