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    Yes, that makes so much more sense. lol, It happens to everyone, Have a great weekend! Thanks again for the information.


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    Hey David,

    Thanks for your reply. My comment about the strength plan not including running was based on the faq I saw where it said that the focus of the strength plan for triathlon included exercises that are specific to support cycling and swimming and it didn’t mention running. I thought that was kind of odd. Here is the quote from your FAQ site again for reference.

    “What are the differences between the Premium Strength Run and Triathlon plans?

    A: The triathlon plans are programmed with a focus on exercises specific to cycling and swimming. There is also extra focus on core exercises for the different stability demands of triathlon. ”

    Is that FAQ just worded weirdly implying that the exercises do not support running as well as cycling and swimming? or do you all recommend that we also add a running strength program. Does that clarify?

    Thanks for the information on the levels – that makes a lot more sense now.

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    HAHAHAHA – Well Lupus is tricky and if I also had the pressure of an Ironman race while I was trying to figure out any new triggers for a lupus flare for this load of training – I’d definitely have some issues. I have to say though – so far I’m adapting well – in week 7 and I’ve only missed two days – one on which I was totally wiped and had my monthly lupus IV treatment and the other was a family event. I’m definitely not fast and my HR has me walking a lot but I’m still progressing safely and that’s what’s most important to me. Thanks for your feedback for my sprint week. I’m going to see how I feel. I may just opt to operate at the lower end of my HR zones that week and keep it going.

    Thanks again! (also no law degree for experience in my future)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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