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    Facci sapere come va. Hai un tempo obiettivo per la mezza? Hai gareggiato sui 10k ultimamente?

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    Thank you. I came here looking for this answer!
    OT: it would be useful, in my opinion, to date-stamp the articles on the blog so that it is clear how recent they are.

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    David, actually you don’t even need to memorize zones. I installed the 8020 ConnectIQ app and the zones are there, well visible and with a good detail (-/z/+) that helps to detect a trend 🙂
    The pilot analogy is a bit misleading as pilots are taught to trust instruments more than feeling… Yes, keep an eye on the horizon but double check your attitude indicator.

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    I find very useful to be able to run the easy workouts based on HR and the hard based on pace. While the reason behind the first is obvious, the main reason I prefer to run easy basing myself on HR is that I mainly run easy WOs in a hilly trail environment in which it is impossible to maintain a constant easy effort at a constant pace.
    Up to now I created my personalised workouts in Garmin Connect, going as far as mixing the two metrics in the same WO (e.g. VO2max intervals on pace in the hard part and HR in the recovery).
    Do you think it is a good idea?
    Of course, it would be much easier if TP could send this kind of wo directly to my watch…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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