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    Excellent – great to read!

    Thank you for your answer Leyla!


    Hey Matt / David,

    Following up on that. I am now actually considering a full marathon plan… but actually irrelevant to my follow-up questions (I think).

    1) Given I want to retain some of my cycling fitness, would you recommend to go with a Level 1 plan, and add some cycling workouts, or take a Level 2 plan, and replace some of the easy/foundation runs with cycling sessions?

    2) I clearly would like to get faster and would like to finish significantly below 4 hours. I have 26 weeks time until the marathon. The marathon plan is 18 weeks. What is the best use for the 8 weeks before? Again, I would really want to get faster, on all distances, but with the end goal of finishing the marathon as fast as possible. What would you recommend?

    Thanks much


    Hi Matt – thanks much for the quick answer!

    in reply to: Swapping recovery week with the week after #16501

    Hi Matt – fantastic. Thanks for the swift reply! Cheers

    in reply to: Power zones not displayed on workouts #16125

    I am pretty sure you can connect the stryd using bluetooth, and as a powermeter too.
    Under ‘sensors & accessories‘ scroll down and you will see FP – XXXXX whereby XXXXX stands for your stryd ID. Scroll further down and you will also find PWR – XXXXX. Connect this one too.

    Yet I think to have the metric and all other stryd data recorded, you will need to also have the stryd datafield in your exercise profile.

    I use also a separate datafield called RunPowerWorkout for workouts.

    It was a little bit of a hack, but I did resolve all the issue I had once I found this setup.

    in reply to: Power zones not displayed on workouts #16103

    I had a similar issue. I realized when you connect stryd using bluetooth as a powermeter (instead of connecting via ANT+ as a footpod, Garmin watch would pick it up. Try this


    Hi David,

    no worries – that one was easily replaced.

    and: yes, I did laugh at the psycho joke 🙂


    in reply to: Running Plan on Garmin 245 #15596

    Hi all,
    I can confirm, the Garmin Fenix 5S has pace alerts on the 8020 workouts. My wife is on the 8020 marathon plan based on pace and syncs with her Garmin watch.

    However, as Bstarr points out, the pace ranges seems to be incorrect when it is synced. Given it shows correctly on Trainingpeaks, I conclude that the problem must be on Garmin’s side.

    Hope one day they will fix this. I am using a power-based plan, sync it with a Forerunner 945, and the zones are correct.



    Hi Matt – thanks for your reply!

    Did as you suggest. 1 question though: From the end of the maintenance plan (during which my projected fitness steadily increases) onwards, it seems my projected level of fitness seems to decrease/stay relatively flat for a straight 4 weeks before it picks up again.

    Is this due to the first month of the triathlon plan being more of a “base phase”? Should I adhere to this, or should I upgrade to a level 2 plan?

    Thanks much in advance!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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