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    That is true, i am not training for a race. My goal is to run a sub 20:00 5k (outdoors). To achive this I started with the 5k plan about a year ago. Instead of the race I do a 5k Test to update my zones for the next cycle.

    I do all the “complicated” workouts indoors on an assault runner by pace, the ER and RF outdoors by heart rate.

    Paces are manageble and correlate with the expected heart rates. All calculated within traininpeaks and the 80/20 method selected.

    Thanks in advance.

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    the Training load has been constant over the last 6 months. I did some renovations on the house leading me to shifting around workouts prioritizing doing all the workouts over resting. Plus the physical stress of construction.

    The aching is not muscle soreness but a bit like it. It’s like during warm up the motions do not feel fluid and I take a while before it’s smooth. Sometimes more then the 10 minutes warmup. It’s not really painful, but it’s also not normal.

    So if I do have to skip workouts over 1 – 3 weeks and can only do 2 per week, which ones would I choose in the 5k level 1 plan?

    Thanks for your reply

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    Hi David,

    no clue if Zwift made changes, but now it seems possible to create zwo files based on time. –> https://www.zwiftworkout.com/editor

        <SteadyState Duration="300" Power="0.76" pace="1"/>
        <SteadyState Duration="300" Power="0.82" pace="1"/>
        <SteadyState Duration="300" Power="0.76" pace="1"/>

    Just created a quick test file and it works.

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    Hi, I have the same problem, I bought a Plan and reedit all workouts to distance.

    Does anyone by chance know the required syntax for zwift .zwo running files to work with seconds?

    <SteadyState Duration=”300″ Power=”0.76″/>

    This is for bikes, and can not be used for running, sadly I can not find anything regarding the issue.

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    thanks for the answer. If I am not mistaken, the RSP3/4 files from trainingpeaks still have Zone 5, but the description says Zone 4. That is what made me ask in the first place.

    I edited them now, but this alone probably would not made have a difference over the 9 weeks 🙂


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    Hi guys,

    I just pruchased an assault air runner. It is really great, feels almost like outdoors, best treadmill I have ever used. After about 8k on it, it felt natural. I really like how you can change the pace instantly and without the need for a button.

    It has bluetooth build in so I use it in combination with zwift.

    But as stated above, I can second that it will reduce your pace by about 20%. And initially it is really hard on your calfs and hamstrings. If you are used to ruinning on flat ground, I would recommend to start slow loadwise.

    I would not go back to a “normal” treadmill, I never used incline before anyway.

    Cheers Jay

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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