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    Great article Matt. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks everyone for the responses.

    While no one likes to get kicked, pulled, etc in the water, what gets me the most is the fact that I am swimming in water where I cannot touch bottom. I swim in open water with a Kiefer Safer Swimmer mainly so I can be seen by boaters and surfers. I think this gives me confidence that is a little “false” when it comes to race day.

    Some of the suggestions about “not racing the first few yards” is a good one.

    What I was wondering is, “Does everyone have some anxiety about the swim”? If so, are there some “mind tips” that could help me focus away from the fact I’m swimming away from shore into deeper water?

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    Same Joie.

    Thank You for your quick response.

    Living in Florida we at least get to enjoy some nice weather while we practice social distancing. Solo runs and no drafting on the bikes.

    Thank you all for your support during this time. We’ll be back to racing soon, with a heavy August-November schedule.

    Be safe.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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