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    Thanks, Matt. I will certainly try that, as I have access to both a treadmill and a track.

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    Thank you very much for the prompt and helpful response, David.

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    Thank you, Matt. That is indeed very simple.

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    You are correct, 7:52 is your threshold pace if you did the 20 minutes at max effort, treating the threshold test like a race. If you are doing your training by pace zones, your threshold pace is what you enter into the calculator, with the heart rate being irrelevant unless you are training by heart rate. I hope that helps.

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    Hello Ben,
    As a fellow athlete runner (not an expert), I understand your frustration. As far as a recommendation, I would lean strongly towards retesting in better conditions, targeting the conditions under which you will spend most of your training. The heat really affects me as well, and I would definitely not do a threshold test in 91 degree weather if I could avoid it. As a matter of fact, I did my threshold test under 80 degree conditions, with a heat index of 83. It felt fine, but I wouldn’t do it in much hotter weather.
    In addition, I would like to wish you the best on your upcoming marathon. It will be a big accomplishment to complete your first marathon, and I plan on running my first full marathon this year or next year.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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