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    You’re much faster than me, but a few things I have incorporated into my daily schedule recently have benefited my times in training immensely. Fell free to ignore all of them.

    1. Iron tablets – most runners are Iron deficient, try upping your iron levels. You need 210mg Ferrous Fumerate from a pharmacy – it takes 3 weeks for Iron to get into your system but I’ve noticed heart rate is down at similar pace.

    2. Cold showers – lookup Wim Hof. I started this with 15 secs cold shower after hot shower then gradually increased to 2 mins. It is supposed to engage your cardiovascular muscles and increase performance. Its a shock to start with but its amazing how quickly my body adjusted to the cold shower – after a week I felt like it was providing a benefit.

    3. Regular mobility exercises – particular ham string stretches, lower back, core. I do marching with high knees, downward dog, straight leg raises, hamstring curls, glute bridges. I feel now that I my stride has lengthed and I seem to glide better.

    Anyway, hope this helps you achieve your sub 3!

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    Hi David, I’ve bought the plan. How do I redeem the 30 days Training peaks premium, mine seems to be still at Basic?

    Also how would I get the plan going up/down or level or by pace/power?


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    Thanks for the quick reply David.
    I’ll be buying the half marathon 1 plan.

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    Thanks Matt,

    When I backed my paces from the calculator in to the heart rate zones they were also pretty much spot on.

    As the pace calculator has now changed I’m thinking I should now retest my 5k time (after 6 weeks of HM2 plan) to recalibrate my HR zones – does that make sense?

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    Am I right in thinking you just go off Zone 2 pace for a race and ignore heart rate?

    I did my marathon simulator the other day and kept my pace steady in middle of Zone 2 all the way, but my heart rate went from low Zone 2 to top end of Zone 3.

    It was 22c by the end so i’m guessing this played a part in my heart rate escalating?


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    Hi Oliver,

    I have noticed this happening to me too. The same speed in the evening could be 10-15 bpm lower than in the morning, which is quite frustrating.

    I’ve put it down to being more hydrated in the evening as I have drunk water throughout the day, in effect helping my heart push blood around the body.

    Would be interested to see if there are any others who have noticed this and what they have done to address the difference.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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