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    Thanks for your reply Matt !

    I replace two long runs with the RMP runs, will give me confidence regarding the target as well 🙂

    Best regards,


    in reply to: Got new Fenix 6X Pro and Stryd and puzzled how to set up #15756

    Hello David,

    Quick feedback : the Stryd App is an app, not a datafield, so it prevents you to get other datafields displayed during your activity. This is not great if you follow a GPX track, if you want to get extra data, see your music controls,…

    I did not try the 80/20 datafield but it looks like it is only displaying your current zone + some extra data, but it does not integrate with the structured workout from TP (so no alerts, targets etc).

    Garmin native power is still not on the roadmap, so on the workout screen, you will not see the current power nor will not get alerts if you are outside of the desired zones.

    So basically, if you want power + structured workouts in a datafield, you can’t really use those options. I already posted my own solution but there are other such as or For people using Wahoo, Coros or Suunto, native workout support is there already, let’s hope that Garmin finally provides the support with their new watches…

    in reply to: Got new Fenix 6X Pro and Stryd and puzzled how to set up #15740

    Another option is to use one of the various available datafields. It’s quite useful if you want the map, music controls or extra screens.

    I am one of the two contributors of RunPowerWorkout ( It supports a ton of customizations, alerts when outside of zones, and outside of workouts it will display your zones (automatically defined and you can choose the method, I guess you will choose 80/20)

    There are other datafields (DataRun for instance), but they did not offer exactly what I wanted for my workout datafield. It’s free and open source so you can see if you like it better than the workout app.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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