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    I do have an Apple Watch and none of my running events would exceed the battery life. Though, I will probably get back into Triathlon and move up to an Ironman distance and I doubt that my Apple Watch battery would last that long.

    I wish Garmin would at least do more with the running power. Currently you have to look at it on an individual workout level. I might give running power another shot.

    Thanks again for all you do!

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    Thank you David, I really appreciate the time and explanation!

    The time in zones makes sense.

    I understand the concern with ERG mode. I feel like I have a pretty good ability to pace with my power meter and RPE, though I’m sure I could do better. I’ve been training with power for 7-8 years, and I think that helps. That said, I like to watch TV while riding and ERG mode helps me pass the time more easily. I think I’ll at least do a ride or two a week out of ERG mode.

    Now that I have a better understanding on the Z2 range and how it fits in 80/20, I will have no problem being comfortable adjusting efforts in that range.

    If anything I’m like most people you probably deal with and have more of a problem with dialing back vs more is better. I might even drop it lower on the rides that I’m doing in lieu the swimming.

    Do you have experience with Garmin running power compared to Stryd? I purchased an early version of the Stryd, and had some issues and ended up returning it. Then Garmin released running power calculated through the HRM or a waistband pod. I already had the HRM and Fenix watch, so enabled the power and have been collecting data for a few years…I’ve never run with power or trained with it.

    Thank you again, and appreciate such a quick response.

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    Stan the Man, you don’t have to do that manually anymore. Unless, you wanted to customize the workout. Otherwise, TR automatically will pull a few days workouts from Training Peaks each time you open it. It’s called ride sync…has worked perfectly for me so far.

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    I have been on TR for a long time too and prefer how they control my trainer(s). I have a Garmin 1030, and Taxc Neo 2T, and Quarq crank based power meter. TR will use the Quarq as the source of power to control the Taxc. This gives me the same power source to ride outside and inside. Otherwise it’s sometimes 15-20 watts off and not a fixed offset. I’ve not seen where a Garmin head unit will power match like TR, but that would cool to find out it would. Also, the workout creator is very user friendly too if you want/need to modify a workout a little.

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    I asked the same question via email. Thank you David for responding quickly and encouraging me to post to the forum so everyone has access.

    So, you can sync training peaks and Trainer Road. I just did it!

    You have to log in via a web browser and not through the app. It’s under account and then ride sync. Super easy…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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