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    Ha indeed!! I am getting good practice at this lately – as the weather conditions we had in St. George 70.3 in September was biblical LOL!

    in reply to: TSB Before ‘A’ Race #15054

    Womp womp wommmmmmp.

    Well shit. I wasn’t expecting you’d say that.

    I def. don’t want to race just to race. I want 100%. Perhaps I’m a little over zealous here in my ‘come back’ season.

    With this observation – what then would you recommend if I were your athlete at this point, having already paid for this weekends Half and the one in 3 weeks?

    I feel like I’m flirting with injury for sure – so I’m not entirely surprised either. Is there some general advice you could give for me in terms of training for the 3 week out race once I rail myself this weekend? Maybe ‘Do that one for fun’zees?’ – as though that is even possible….but a nice thought. Ugh.

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    excellent thank you!!

    in reply to: HM Level 2 Mid Plan Adjustment #14572

    hey matt!

    i raced 70.3 worlds at SG 9/18 (sidenote: in the most hellacious of riding conditions i have ever in my life experienced – that was the craziest shit ever, 20-30mph sustained winds, gusts up to 50. insane.) phew.

    i took one week off to process, and have just started with 2 x 5-6mile runs and some 1hr spinning days since. My fitness was as 104, I’m down to 86.

    i’d post my tss data but unsure how to attach it.

    in reply to: Race Day Plan Help #12767

    update. got a worlds invite. YAHOO!

    “id like to thank The Academy, 80/20, and that backwards Giro helmet…”

    in reply to: Sub 2hr HM #12756

    well of course you did!!!

    exactly what i wanted to hear – thank you sir!

    in reply to: Maintenance Strength #12718

    oof. right there. thank you so much for pointing it out!

    in reply to: Sub 2hr HM #12717

    yes – exactly.

    during the HIM level 2 i just completed – i had an overall time goal of 6 hours or less; and it was just obvious to me that the training paces i was falling in (specifically long Z2 runs off the bike) – would get me there, so i didn’t question it.

    but with the running specific plan, i wonder if there is a way to be sure you are training to yield a particular time/pace for your race event.

    in reply to: Altitude Change #12417

    bwahahahah. okay fine.

    disciplined perhaps. notsomuch on the patience. thanks matt 😉

    in reply to: Race Day Plan Help #12372

    Awesome. THANK YOU!

    Don’t tempt me…

    in reply to: Race Day Plan Help #12359

    Perfect. Thats what I was thinking.

    Do the run programs translate to improving TRAIL racing/running as well? I didn’t notice any trail specific. Basically trying to figure out how to both continue trail running this fall, while improving my road speed for HIM so that I can go back to Chatty next year – kick some 45-49AG’er ass – and get the true benefits of an aero helmet worn correctly *unless your wind tunnel tests show the reverse aero GIRO is in fact more aero – in which case, I should be the new GIRO poster child*

    Thank you as always for offering your input!

    in reply to: Race Day Plan Help #12344

    Thanks David!

    If my goal is in improving my HIM run….should I backburner another 70.3 this fall? Because I’d be looking at starting another training program now for that.

    And just focus on running and pick a fall (oct/nov) HM? I usually trail run/race in the fall. But after this 70.3 and seeing how competitive I ‘could’ be with an improved run, I really want to work on this.

    I’ll be headed to Montana for the summer where all I do is run/ride…trying to pin down what I should be focusing on!!!

    in reply to: Race Day Plan Help #12329


    It was pretty incredible.

    Based on all my data, I ended up landing on the following target for my race:

    150AP / 165 NP – and to keep my HR below 155


    Swim was 1.4 with no current!!!! I had a leaky goggle that filled constantly the whole swim, had to stop and clear it several times. It was awful and felt like an eternity. – :40

    Bike was awesome. I rode 153 AP / 169 NP. Race photos just released….turns out….I rode this great 2:46 bike split with my helmet on backwards. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Notes to self: practice transitions. Who knew Giro Aero Attack was reversible! BBS predicted a 21mph ride. So, one must ponder if this cost me precious time? lmfao. Only one huge hitch in this ride – I lost a full bottle of calories.

    Entered in run and hit proverbial wall immediately. Ran with a hydration pack of fuel so I started loading. Ate everything on course (unplanned of course) and prayed to gods.

    Held a run/walk 11m/m pace for the first half. By some miracle I came back to life. At mile 6 my run truly began. The second half was exactly how I had hoped and trained for. Too bad an hour late. – 2:16.

    Finished in my ultimate goal of sub-6 – with 5:54. 29th AG. 18th Bike!

    Despite being so disappointed that I didn’t have the complete race I had hoped for – I truly believe that my training and fitness allowed me to pull it back in the road when everything was looking/feeling quite grim.

    NOW. If I could just figure out how to get more competitive in my run. Was projecting about a 9:30/9:45 pace – which was totally doable. But I’d really like to be closer to 9!!!

    in reply to: Race Day Plan Help #12092

    great example!

    in reply to: Race Day Plan Help #12016

    Thanks David – I will certainly report back! Eager to see how it goes.

    Re: the delta between AP/NP drafting vs. not, I’m not seeing that.

    The only solo efforts recorded outdoors with the PM I have to go off are the following (both on a flat no hills course).

    2 months ago – 2:41 (49 miles) / 144AP / 155NP / 2.89wkg / 1027 elevation / 18.2mph – so 11watts diff here. no drafting.

    and this guy: which was a 2hr+ ride in which I drafted out with him, but rode on my own on the return leg. not much differential either leg in AP/NP.

    total ride detail
    2:18 (46 miles) / 166AP / 171NP / 3.33wkg / 879 elevation / 19.9mph

    drafting out 1hr+
    164AP / 1168NP / 20.3mph

    return solo 1hr+
    171AP / 176NP / 19.7mph

    Irregardless, I think the 170NP is a good target and interesting your points about setting to NP vs AP. Would you recommend focusing on an NP target over say 5 mile lap avg of AP – regardless of the type of course (hilly/rolling/flat)?


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