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    thats easy enough! thanks!

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    thanks matt. i grew up playing golf, so i get you!

    in reply to: Long Rides question #11427

    hey david – so he is also training for the same race, with the same program, – so im not sure that would be in his best interest? ha!

    so takeaway here then is – do not be tempted to ride zone x long rides no matter how great the ego stroke is. 🙂

    thank you! i think i will do outdoor ftp next time….

    in reply to: HIM Hilly Run Course Prep #11323

    This is so interesting.

    – Can you clarify “In previous races I’ve always done the whole run split as intervals – as were my training runs.” I don’t understand what this means, can you give me an example of a run in your previous training compared to 80/20.

    I just mean that prior to this program, I just did all my long training runs Galloway style – 3min/1min. (basically 3min zone X+, 1 min walk) For the races I actually couldn’t even hold the 3/1 and it was always more like ‘run for as long as I can, then walk a minute’. Likely from overbiking.

    Your next bit is really helpful, as I forget about ‘zone x’, my garmin just tells me im in ‘3’. My ‘x’, is 145-153. This is where I am on those hills.

    –The Zone 2 interval piece of the RAe runs (I’m sure this is what you’re referring to) are meant to be performed at race pace. This pace varies by individual, and may even be Zone X for a 70.3 athlete. The purpose is to perform the Zone 2 section at the same pace as race day. This is likely at least high Zone 2 for a 70.3, but Zone X is just fine for 70.3 racing.

    Yes the RAe runs. I think the takeaway here for me – is that my zones are just off, they have to be. When I’m running these long runs Z2 feels totally fine – I can breath comfortably. But ‘zone x’ (according to my zones) feels more challenging. My Z1 is laughable. It’s a shuffle. And I don’t ever feel the need for a ‘break’ when running Z2 long runs.

    SO – from now on, based on this feedback, I think I just need to shift my zones. I’m guessing since I’m so deep in the HR training for this plan, I could tweak the numbers so that they make more sense. Basically the top end of my Z2 (145bpm) still feels easy. I’m gathering it shouldn’t….

    Thanks for the input David. I think next time I will def. use a different metric for run!!!

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    Thanks David. I don’t see why the adherence would be a problem I’m completely dialed into Level 2 with the exception of the sunday swim i don’t wanna do lol. (and not because i dont have the energy for it, i just really hate spending time doing laps).

    I feel like with very little training, given my previous races, that I am fairly competitive in the swim. I’d probably benefit most from some form/technique drills which ive never done, and haven’t yet incorporated into the Z1 sets.

    I just don’t see that the swim is where I’m going to get the time gains. I’m leaving so much out there on my run….

    That is interesting that your recommendation would be level 1 + strength training vs. level 2 without the bandwidth to work that in.

    If I wanted to wade into level 1 – and then possibly back to 2 – how would I coordinate that with TP?

    Thanks for the input!

    in reply to: Plan Switch? #10809

    lord. BIKE. not slowing my back down….

    in reply to: HR Recovery In Intervals #10643

    This is great news. Thank you.

    Regarding the struggle to even hold a run/jog in Z1 which for me is under 135, (for all run workouts), is this common?

    There was a moment going uphill during the last of the intervals today where I almost had to WALK to get my HR down – in Z3!!! Which was totally messing with my head. And it was at that point that I had to wonder if I should be keeping these higher intensity interval runs at the track to better control my HR and get the most out of the workout.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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