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    Hey Matt,

    It looks like I’m still having a similar issue as noted previously here in this thread. My original numbers were based off a 10K run which was completed in 1:01:51 average pace of 10:03min/mile. This is still my fastest 10K time.

    Fast forward 2-3 months (per the last time I posted here) where I yesterday completed a 45 minute foundation run. Distance ran was 4.5 miles at an average time of 9:59min/mile.

    Per TrainingPeaks I checked my Pace by Zone (which is the intensity I have chosen to focus on) vs. my HR by Zone.

    Pace by Zone (time spent in each zone; 45 minutes total) per TP:

    Z1: -10:34min/mile 6:58
    Z2: 10:34-9:21 min/mile 31:43
    Z3: 9:21-8:41 min/mile 6:17

    HR by Zone however, found that most of my run was done from ZY – Z5 where I spent 7:44 in ZY, 11:11 in Z4, and 21:01 in Z5.

    For another point of reference, my last long run on Sep. 11th was 1:16:50 with a distance of 7.53 miles at a pace of 10:12 min/mile. (Which I just checked and my HR by Zone shows that most of this run was done in Z3 while Pace by Zone shows almost all of the run being done in Z2. This was overall a more comfortable run then yesterday’s foundation run.

    Hopefully all of this gives you enough information to know where I’m at at this point. I’m not sure if I should change my numbers or if I should just leave them the same since the intensity I’m focusing on (Pace) is still being ran for the most part in Z2.

    Thanks for the taking the time to read through all of this! I know it’s a lot but I just want to make sure I’m setting myself up for success here.


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    I’m having a similar issue just the other way around. I did the first workout in my plan today and I did good staying in the HR zones however when I finished the workout and looked at my pace zones I was in Z1 the entire time while I was between HR Z2-Z4 for a majority of the run. I used the pace calculator from the 80/20 site to figure these numbers out. Maybe im doing something wrong as I am new to this?

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