exciting news for run plans this 2021

All-New 2021 Edition Run Plans Now Available

Including new Ultra Marathon 50 Kilometer Plans

We are supremely excited to announce that a full slate of all-new 80/20 Running 2021 Edition training plans are now available. And when we say “all-new” we mean all-new. These run plans aren’t merely tweaked versions of our existing plans. We rebuilt them from the ground up with the clear goal of delivering an even better experience and better results for athletes like you.

One thing that hasn’t changed, naturally, is our commitment to the 80/20 principle of balancing training intensities. All of the new plans feature the “mostly slow” approach you know and love. But everything else is different—in a good way. For starters, the plans include more than 500 hundred new workout types that leading exercise scientists have cooked up to improve upon traditional formats. These workouts, based on the latest research and thoroughly tested on our individual coaching clients, will also soon be available à la carte in our Workout Library with an 80/20 Gold or Silver Subscription.

Scientists aren’t the only new source of innovation in training methods. Elite coaches and athletes continued to experiment and learn in the laboratory of the real world, and our 2021 Edition plans incorporate advances from this source as well. One example is the “when you’re fit, you’re fit” philosophy, which entails training in a similar, well-rounded way for races of all distances. This improvement will make it easier for you to transition from one plan to another.

We think you’ll also appreciate the changes we’ve made to our workout descriptions. Within each individual workout in every plan you will find unique coaching comments that are context-specific. We think you’ll find that these tips and occasional shouts of encouragement make the training experience seem less repetitive and more like having a real, human coach looking over your shoulder as you go. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve even fully revised the supporting documentation for the plans to simplify the process of determining and updating your personal training intensity zones.

There’s a difference between “better” and “perfect,” of course, and we welcome your ideas for making our new 80/20 Running 2021 Edition training plans closer to perfect as you put them to use in pursuit of your goals. Thank you in advance for your contributions to this effort!

As part of the 2021 Edition rollout, we’ve also introduced a new line of Ultra Marathon 50 Kilometer plans to compliment our popular 100 Mile and 50 Mile/100 Kilometer plans.

Already purchased an 80/20 Run plan? We never make you pay for the same plan twice. Your legacy edition plan will be automatically updated to the 2021 Edition the next time you load your purchased plan on the calendar. If you are more than a few weeks through your existing plan, we recommend you stay the course and complete the legacy edition.