Our plans have helped hundreds of thousands of athletes across the globe, whether seasoned veterans or first-timers. Our 80/20 Training Plans have a proven track record to help athletes at all levels in their chosen event. But you don't have to take our word for it. Here are what hundreds of athletes are saying after experiencing the 80/20 difference.

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I have travelled with 80/20 plans within my country, to Boston in 2018, and soon to Berlin. I am now a wholly better person than I was before.

Mark Conway



Using an 80/20 plan I not only set a PB in 70.3 but then 2 weeks later set a PB in a full Ironman and qualified for Kona!

Colin Lewis

IRONMAN or equivalent


Using an 80/20 plan, we both came in 7th place in our AG at 70.3 New Zealand! We were fresh all the time and the fatigue we had become accustomed to all those years was not there.

Jose and Isobel Uribe

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


After reading 80/20 Running and focusing on slowing down, I am absolutely amazed at the results. I just completed a PB of 2:52:48. By slowing down my recovery has been excellent.

Daniel Velardo



I used the 80/20 plan for the first time this year. I absolutely loved it. Well Balanced and effective. I can't wait till my preparation for next year starts.

Dennis Ruts

IRONMAN or equivalent


Training towards sustainable functionality is more important than pushing to the limit. By using the 80/20 system you have the luxury of both worlds!

Meaux Redhead



David and 8020 helped me set a new half marathon PR of 1:46 from 2:35 in 15 weeks. Thank you David for your hands-on coaching. I love the data-driven, balanced approach. I'll never overtrain again.

Tiara Womack

Half Marathon


I have started to run after few years off and the 80/20 plan allowed me to get fit and achieve my first half marathon in Verona in no time! What I love most is that following a clear and defined plan boosts my motivation because I can see the progress I am making.

Marco Saraceno

Half Marathon


Using your Level 3 Ironman 70.3 Plan I have gone from the bottom third to the top third in my age group at the half-Ironman distance.

Michael Shulman

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


I purchased the 80/20 70.3 plan and it completely changed my game. Knowing what workouts you have to do and when to do them removed the hardest part of training for an event, in my opinion. All I had to do was show up when I said I was going to.

Rachel Whitehead

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


In my first triathlon after switching to 80/20 I had my fastest swim pace at any distance and my fastest Olympic bike and run splits. Even my transitions were faster!

Curtis Repen



I used 80/20 for all of my raining this year and got my highest age-group finishes at any event in my nine years of racing triathlons.

Bob Ford

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


Matt created a customized training plan for me that not only allowed me to balance triathlon training with marathon training, but to have PR's in all my repeat races!

Mackenzie Howard



I PB'd every race I did this year and then topped it off with my first 70.3 thanks to the 80/20 plan I used! PB'd the Olympic distance at nationals!

The 80/20 method really changed my approach to training and got me fitter than I've ever been without a single injury.

Claire Colbert



This year I decided to use an 80/20 plan. For the first time, I felt that my training had structure; each unit was part of a whole and it made sense. I was very satisfied with the results.

Jose Fraile



Kudos and appreciation to your training programs as I set a new 1/2 marathon PB at 1:28:20 (6:13 off my previous best). My cycling FTP is now just short of 300W (from 230W) after starting training with your programs around 8 months ago. I also took 30 minutes off my 70.3 personal best time with a 4:56, while balancing a large family and professional commitments.

Jeremy Biggelaar

Half Marathon


The best year ever! After a few years of sporadic training efforts and competing in triathlons from Sprint distance to full Ironman I decided to look into a more structured approach to training. After looking into the plethora of plans available, I selected a 80/20 Endurance plans. I completed 2 Sprints, 1 Olympic, 3 halves and 1 full Ironman, and setting personal bests at all distances, slicing 2 hours 20 from the full Ironman.

Mark White

IRONMAN or equivalent


When I made the switch to 80/20 I quickly realized that after 10 years of hard training, this new method felt very doable and was a comfortable fit. Thanks for making it available to us in the age-group triathlon world.

Jim Moore



There’s no way I could have accomplished what I have without adhering to the 80/20 plan.

Scott Bleazard

IRONMAN or equivalent


I am satisfied with your 80/20 training plan. Thank you very much for your help in attaining my goals.

Julia Ponce



After deciding to pursue the goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, I purchased an 80/20 training plan. The results were dramatic. After one training cycle, I dropped over 31 minutes in my marathon time!

Mitch Atkinson



I loved the Olympic plan I used about a year ago. Now I'm ready to do a half-Ironman.

Mark Burdeshaw



80/20 provided a method and training plan that made me excel beyond my wildest imagination in my ever first triathlon.

Erik Enqvist



I trained with the 80/20 half marathon plan, and did a personal best! I felt good after! It made me think about what it could do for me for a marathon or beyond. It taught me so much about how to pace myself and be more in tune with my body when I ran. I cannot recommend this training enough. It made me believe that Matt Fitzgerald and David Warden truly know how to train us to be better athletes.

Lai Flushing

Half Marathon


Used an 80/20 plan for Ironman 70.3 Bintan in Indonesia and it went perfectly. Sometimes I had doubts that the training was too light or intense, but I kept repeating to myself "Trust the plan" and I ended up having an amazing race--much faster than expected!

Sergio Real

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


I've successfully lowered my Ironman 70.3 time by nearly 40 minutes through 80/20. Don’t be afraid to go slow when you’re supposed to!

Damon Lebeouf

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


The 80/20 plan allowed me to train every day without getting stressed or fatigued and to show up on the day and perform fresh and uninjured.

Helen Hayward

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


Absolutely loved the plan. It has allowed me to cut almost 8 1/2 minutes off my half marathon PB. The workouts were varied and fun (well sometimes fun in a brutal way haha) and I got great support from David when I had any questions about the plan. Would recommend unreservedly.

Mark Sun

Half Marathon


By following the principles of the 80/20 programming I was able to finish my first ever Half Ironman. Leading up to the Half Ironman, I also ran my first ever half marathon. The 80/20 programming also helped me to get through my full racing season injury free as well as feeling well trained and ready for all of my races.

Steve Messenger

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


With 80/20 training, I improved my 70.3 result by almost half an hour.

Mikhail Tinovitckii

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


Before I started your program I predicted a 14-hour finish in my first Ironman. After sticking to the program and training for six months my conference grew tremendously. I crushed my goal by three hours!

Greg Pawlisa

IRONMAN or equivalent


Heart rate training can definitely feel like defeat when you focus on how slow your training paces are, but the victory comes on race day. I am so glad I found 80/20 Running!

Sarah Pirolli



I swear by 80/20 and always talk it up during tri conversations. Thank you!

Christopher Barry

IRONMAN or equivalent


By following the 80/20 program I transformed from a 222-lb nonrunner to a 175-lb marathoner in the 10 months.

Brett Hoyer



With this style of training, you can feel your gains throughout the season and you don't feel completely gassed every day.

Kevin Pogacar

IRONMAN or equivalent


I really felt my endurance build consistently throughout the training with my Level 3 80/20 Ironman 70.3 Plan. I was fatigued at times but never felt overtrained, and I went into my A race feeling more prepared then the three years prior.

Shawn Craig

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


I like 80/20 because it gives me permission to take it easy on some day. I don’t need to go out and hammer every day to get a new PR like I did in the beginning. The easy days are enjoyable and give me the power to nail (most of) my harder workouts. I don’t dread my sprint and hill work anymore, and at 54 I’m still setting PRs and I’ve been injury free.

Karin Peters



After three surgeries in three years I realized my way of training was wrong. After reading the book 80/20 Triathlon I decided to give it a try. It was fun and easy to follow and I ended up with my a PR in all three disciplines!

Edson Vassoler

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


The 80/20 program made my first Olympic Triathlon not only attainable, but something that left me hungry and ready for more the moment I crossed the finish line.

John Hodges



This past weekend I completed Ironman Wisconsin on the Run/Bike Power version of the Level 2 80/20 plan. While the volume was drastically higher than any I had done in past years, I had no injuries and I felt confident in the specificity of the purpose for each workout. On race day I was able to hit my power and pace targets and finish strong with a smile on my face!

Roger Hipwell

IRONMAN or equivalent


The 80/20 principles allowed me to improve my times for 5K and 10K cross country races. Staying injury-free paves the way to get personal bests because you can finish the plan with no surprises and no steps back.

Marco la Spina



I tell everyone about your plans. I’ve recently PR’d my 5k, half, full marathon, and 70.3.

A.J. Moser



I was in that "every workout should be hard" mentality until I trusted the 80/20 plan. My hard workouts were tough, but having fresh legs going into them was key.

Alicia Phillips



I used the 80/20 plan to prepare for my first triathlon, which was also an Ironman 70.3. I was worried about injuries, available time, and being in shape to go the distance. All this worry for no reason, as the plan worked me up to the correct endurance levels without too many stresses on my aging body, and my plan did not overtake my life.

Pat Donohue

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


I honestly believe that there is no way I could've completed my first Ironman 70.3 were it not for the 80/20 training plan.

Shawn Platt

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


Thank you 80/20 Endurance! I followed the plan and ran a half marathon as a "feeler." I ran a 1:26, won my age group and was amazed that I could run that pace. Using 80/20, I went back to a marathon course where I ran a 3:23 on and ended up running a 3:13! I'm now qualified for the Boston Marathon!

Andy Jones



I’ve never felt more energized in a training cycle. I’m really able to balance my training load and my workload without burning out.

Troy Bedik



After following the 80/20 plan I was able to break a personal best record. I not only finished within the goal I had set but did negative splits the entire race, which was a first for me.

Marco de Tavira

Half Marathon


Thank you for the role 80/20 played in getting to the finish line of Ironman Arizona. Going top 10% for my age group feels really great. Thanks for helping me conquer this life goal!

Dwight Robertson

IRONMAN or equivalent


The results so far have been an increase in fitness and performance. I can run much farther at a constant pace than I have ever been able to before I also know so much more about my body and limits.

Ben Wyld

Ultra Marathon


80/20 is a huge underlying principle of what I do week-in, week-out.

Bronwyn Tagg



The injuries all but disappeared!

Mike McPharlin



I never thought I could beat my personal best Marathon time of 3:09, but with the 80/20 I ran a 2:57! My last kilometer was my fastest and I could have gone another 10K at that pace!

Lindt de la Port



I went into my race knowing I was fitter and healthier than I have ever been.

Richard Sudworth

Ultra Marathon


I honestly can't rate these plans high enough. Being able to wake up knowing what I've got planned for the day is comforting, but knowing it is working and making a difference is priceless.

Scott Bass

IRONMAN or equivalent


80/20 helped me go from running 3kms to 21kms and bike from 40kms to 90+kms without any injuries. I am a believer of 80/20 and have referred many of my friends. Thank you!

Winston Bryn

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


I searched for answers and discovered the 80/20 way. Trust the process and stick to the plan!

Mauricio Hernandez

IRONMAN or equivalent


My expectations were exceeded. My fitness level is higher than it has been in two years, and has come at no cost to my body in regards of injury.

Grace Coller



Trust it. This program relies on the time-tested methods of consistency and incremental gain. I am looking forward new PBs, even at 50 years old!

Randy Kinsey

IRONMAN or equivalent


Using the 80/20 system, I ran a half marathon in 1:25, and followed up the performance with a Boston-qualifying 3:08 marathon at age 45!

Dean Murley



The 80/20 plan was a joy and a relief. I now enjoy running more, run more with friends, and am creeping up to faster and faster speeds without injuries.

Ben Graham



Over the past 16 weeks on an 80/20 plan I have improved my fastest kilometer by almost a minute, my 5k went from 38:50 to 30:28, and I ran 10 km, 21 km and 30 km for the first time ever. Oh, and I lost 22 kg in the process!

Franziska Kühne

10 Kilometer


The results were amazing. I shed 27 minutes out of my 70.3 personal best and felt so strong and confident during the race that at times I thought the pace and time my watch was showing me was wrong!

Carlos Salgado

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


I'm making a lot of progress due to the increased volume I'm able to do by just slowing down. I'm also feeling more rested for the tough workouts and really appreciating the recovery workouts in between.

Pete Babins

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


The best thing is that, throughout the training plan, I always felt great. I was never injured and enjoyed the experience.

Juan Carlos Diaz Arelle

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


80/20 Endurance dropped my threshold pace by 2 minutes per mile!

Michael Metz

Half Marathon


Having 8020 provide the structure took the anxiety out of my training and knowing whether I was doing the right things!

Matthew Neale

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


A training system which led me to achieve my ambitious goals. I am so glad that I trusted 80/20 and the plan.

Marcin Bury

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


The training is less demanding and less tiring, and the result exceeds my expectations.

Thomas Løvholt

Half Marathon


This is my 8th or 9th year of triathlon. I'm 10 weeks into the 80/20 training and I don't think I have ever been so strong.

Peter Richmond

IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent


I don't think I would have considered training for a marathon without the success I had with 80/20 training.

Kristi Smith



I could not be happier. Finally, the work paid off and it was enjoyable!

Jacques Van Wyk



At 46, I broke my 5K record from when I was 33 and qualified for Boston using the 80/20 method.

Jennifer Hickman



The almost-daily runs and training consistently with the established intensity were key. I had no injuries while training!

Ashish Gupta

Ultra Marathon


My mom lost about 40 pounds, learned how to eat and exercise, and completed her first tri. I did my first Ironman on the 80/20 system. She continues to run and swim 4-5 days a week and honestly lives an entirely different life.

Skylar Clark

IRONMAN or equivalent


Only in my dreams did I dare to aim for 10:45 but the result was so much better: 10:34! No injuries were recorded during the whole preparation period.

Hanan Drobinar

IRONMAN or equivalent


During my first 12-week base period on an 80/20 plan I cut more time off more disciplines than I did in a year of Ironman training with one-on-one coaching. I’ve also boosted my bike FTP by 20 watts. It’s unreal.

Chris DiRienzo

IRONMAN or equivalent

Daniel VelardoVictoriaMarathonI achieved a personal best and gained many other benefits by slowing down. My recovery was better, I wasn’t sore during runs, and my body was always ready for the high-intensity speed sessions.
Christi LandaetaVenezuelaHalf MarathonAfter a lengthy break from running, I ran the Miami Beach Halloween Half Marathon in 2:40:56. Since then I've been following the principles laid out in the 80/20 Running book. I ran another Half marathon in Caracas, Venezuela and got me a PB of 02:12:13. The result speaks for itself!
Roger ThompsonWashingtonOlympicThanks to your plans, I was able to capture a USATriathlon National Title in Cleveland this year.
Chris RydelskiWisconsinIRONMAN or equivalentI PR'd in the Ironman 70.3 as well this year by 20 mins!
Tom BryantLondonMarathonIn April 2019, I ran my first marathon in 3:50. Five months later, after training with an 80/20 plan, I ran the Berlin Marathon in 3:36 (a 14-minute improvement!)
Alex OchoaCiudad de MéxicoSprintWhen I started to use my current 80/20 triathlon training program I realized that my endurance and performance were increasing.
Bettina DorschGermanySprintThe training was intensive, but did not burn me out. And I still had enough time for my family and my job!
Brendan GriffinTexas5KI never got through a block of training without injuring myself and feeling so frustrated about starting over. I finally found what works for me with 80/20 Running. No injuries, a personal best, and a newfound love of running!
Tom BrooksVictoriaHalf Marathon80/20 works. I've gotten amazing results and remained injury-free.
Barnaby CoupeNottinghamOlympicI switched to the 80/20 Olympic Plan in January 2019, which allowed me to train far more consistently and I ended up taking over 20 minutes off my PB in May 2019.
David RaymenHertfordshireIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalentI used the 80/20 plan this year and found it great, as I have a busy life juggling work and a young family. It just took the worry out of thinking about what to do.
Paul CarrollShropshireHalf MarathonI'm training for a marathon with an 80/20 plan but I ran a half marathon as race prep and got a three-minute PB.
Doug SimmsWashingtonIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalentI used 80/20 for the first time in attempting to go below 5 hours in an Ironman 70.3. It was a definite game changer. I would highly recommend the programs.
Konstantinos MichopoulosGreeceMarathonI found my 80/20 Marathon Plan coherent, thorough, and easy to follow, with thorough information and additional resources.
Elizabeth SweetNew YorkIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent80/20 plans take all of the guesswork out of training for triathlon. I have successfully used the plans for both the half and full Ironman distance and each time I have crossed the finish line feeling strong, confident, and happy!
Gavin MooreQueensland AustraliaIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalentI used your plan in the lead-up to Cairn 70.3 in June 2019. I was fitter and stronger than in my first attempt at a half IM and came away with a strong finish.
Jason HendyMassachusettsIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalentAfter learning the hard way what overtraining syndrome was in my first year in triathlon, and only training at one speed in year two, using the 80/20 method revolutionized my training in year three.
Jon OttossonSweden10KThe 80/20 method helped me shave minutes from my 10K time.
Kurt PhillipsOhioSprintAs a result of following my 80/20 plan plan to the letter, I dropped my sprint triathlon time from 1:27 to 1:09!
Lindsey NoseworthyMassachusettsIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalentAfter having three surgeries in eight months to realign my right leg, I knew I had to train smarter. 80/20 was the perfect balance to avoid the overtraining and damaging injuries.
Luke HendersonVictoriaIRONMAN or equivalentThe 80/20 plan was great. It kept training super interesting and intentional, and helped lift me to a new level.
Michelle LeeWashingtonHalf MarathonWith the 80/20 Half Marathon HR Plan I was able to get my aerobic base up and cut my time by over 30 minutes.
Markus BoehlerAustriaIRONMAN or equivalentThe last races with your plans were very successful. Thank you for that.
Martijn CrajéGelderlandIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent80/20 is the Holy Grail for me. I can actually feel the improvement, but I am never too tired to train.
Tim Siegenbeek van HeukelomNew South WalesMarathonI've been using your plans since 2015 and they have helped me with a range of (half) marathons, trail runs, ultras, and simply keeping fit. Best thing I ever did to improve my running was adopting the 80/20 practice.
Michael SchollmeierIllinoisIRONMAN or equivalentThe 80/20 training plan ramps athletes up though the various training phases, intensities, and distances to help keep you injury free. The increases in distance were easily managed. I highly recommend the purchased plan versus simply using a training plan from the 80/20 Triathlon book. Finding and adjusting my various zones was fairly easy to do. I had an issue with one area, and emailed for assistance. I received a very quick and helpful reply from David. So happy with my results. I will use 80/20 plans again next year. Thank you for your plans!
Seth BaglinCaliforniaIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalentBy following 80/20 Endurance, I not only drastically lowered my HR during my training and race, but I shaved off 50 minutes from my time!
Steffen RettigSaxonIRONMAN or equivalentThe 80/20 plan was perfect for me.
Harald SchernthanerTyrolHalf MarathonAs a novice runner I found the 80/20 power plan to be the perfect way to perfect start. I had constant progress over the 12 weeks and improved my FTP by 15%, injury-free. The race went well and was a lot of fun. I will continue to use the 80/20 protocol.
Adrian TilstonVirginiaIRONMAN or equivalentIn May 2019, 18 months after my back surgery, I finished the Santa Rosa Ironman. It was my first triathlon, and there is no way I could have done it without the structured 80/20 plan. It helped me go hard when I should while still avoiding injury from overtraining.
Chris BlackIllinoisIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalentThe 80/20 plan has changed my life and made me more confident in my abilities. We are closing in on that finish line and I owe it all to 80/20 Endurance.
Clair StewartNevadaOlympicI loved the Level 1 Olympic Plan. It helped me create a strong base and kept me from injury and illness though I was dropping a bit of weight as well. I will be using these plans for future races and increasing distances.
Daniel KilianMunichIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalentI really enjoy using your plans.Thet helped me to overcome my fear of finishing my first middle-distancet.
Edward OConnellMinnesotaIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalentThe 80/20 program keeps everything nicely organized and on track. It takes all the guesswork out of the training buildup and rest phases. This system is completely awesome.
Frank SchmidtItalyIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalentI would never have thought I could complete a 10k run, let alone an Ironman 70.3. The 80/20 training program changed my life and the way I trained.
Gareth ByrneDublinIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalentI bought the 19 week 70.3 plan. It wasy to follow and I was never fatigued. It being my first time doing the distance I didn't know what to expect, but I felt strong throughout and was really able to push on the bike.
Jonathan KeimAlabamaIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalentI had never done a half-iron distance triathlon before, and frankly, I was a little worried. But after using the 80/20 plan, that distance proved to be well within my capabilities, in 95-plus degree heat and humidity!
Marko TomasevicMontenegroSprint80/20 Endurance helped me prepare myself totually end up as #15 in the sprint distance national championship.
Matthew DeVoeNew YorkIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalentI had great success with the 80/20 plan. I stayed injury-free and come race day I felt like all my work really paid off.
Richard FinlaysonNew South WalesIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalentThe 80/20 plan gave me greater clarity about balancing training intensities and especially about doing slow workouts properly to allow high-intensity workouts to be focused.
Robert LaniganDublinIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalentI have been doing triathlons for a number of years but in 2019 I decided to use TrainingPeaks and 80/20 Endurance to make the process better. I was so well prepared for race day, peaked exactly on time, felt fantastic, and achieved my goal.
Shawn PlattNew YorkIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalentI honestly believe that there is no way I could've completedmy first Ironman 70.3 were it not for the 80/20 training plan. I would have overtrained for sure and would not have been anywhere near as prepared for this race as I was by following the plan.

The 80/20 Wall of Fame

Every day we receive messages from athletes all over the world who want to share their successes using the 80/20 method. Below are are hundreds of examples of real athletes who have used 80/20 to achieve a personal best time or for their first event. Need even more inspiration? Check out our testimonials!

Markus BoehlerAngerbergAustriaIRONMAN or equivalent09:5509:35
Luke HendersonMelbourneVictoriaIRONMAN or equivalent11:3810:14
Mark ConwayPerthWestern AustraliaMarathon03:3302:48
Dennis RutsBoechoutAntwerpIRONMAN or equivalent10:2009:58
Jason HendySomervilleMassachusettsIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent04:5804:39
Claire ColbertAtlantaGeorgiaOlympic03:1402:50
Daniel VelardoMelbourneVictoriaMarathon02:5902:47
Mark WhiteOsloOsloIRONMAN or equivalent13:5111:30
Jon OttossonMalmöSweden10K00:4400:40
Scott BleazardDenverColoradoIRONMAN or equivalent14:2012:22
Mitch AtkinsonIrvineCaliforniaMarathon03:5603:15
Gavin MooreBrisbaneQueensland AustraliaIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent05:0504:39
David LopezZamoraCastilla y LeónOlympic02:4002:15
Steffen RettigLeipzigSaxonIRONMAN or equivalent14:4513:55
Tim Siegenbeek van HeukelomSydneyNew South WalesMarathon03:1803:01
Seth BaglinVeniceCaliforniaIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent06:4005:50
Edward ChambersJohannesburgGautengIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent06:4406:00
Michelle LeeSeattleWashingtonHalf Marathon03:0002:27
Konstantinos MichopoulosAthensGreeceMarathon03:4703:36
Michael ShulmanConcordMassachusettsIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent06:1305:33
Mark BurdeshawLas CrucesNew MexicoOlympic05:0003:45
Chris RydelskiUnion GroveWisconsinIRONMAN or equivalent12:1111:33
Angel PassaperaLas PiedrasPuerto RicoIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent07:0306:30
Adolfo CorominasSanto Domingo, D. R.Distrito NacionalMarathon04:2203:50
Gilles MartinGrez-DoiceauBelgiumIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent07:0006:05
RN SahuRanchiJharkhandMarathon05:3205:00
Christi LandaetaCaracasVenezuelaHalf Marathon02:3802:12
Mikhail TinovitckiiMoscowRussiaIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent06:2005:54
Barnaby CoupeNottinghamCountyOlympic02:4602:25
Elizabeth SweetEast GreenbushNew YorkIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent06:2105:58
Tom BryantLondonLondonMarathon03:5003:36
David RaymenHertfordHertfordshireIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent05:1204:50
Jose RamosGuayaquilGuayasHalf Marathon01:3801:34
Lindsey NoseworthyWestminsterMassachusettsIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent06:2406:03
Jim MooreMeridianIdahoOlympic02:5302:33
Mackenzi HowardFalmouthMaineMarathon03:5603:45
Doug SimmsSeattleWashingtonIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent05:2605:06
Kurt PhillipsLancasterOhioSprint01:2701:09
Martijn CrajéMaldenGelderlandIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent05:2405:08
Bob FordEvansGeorgiaIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent05:4305:30
Jose Miguel Fraile OrdóñezDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesSprint01:3101:19
George PothCarmo do CajuruMG, BrazilMarathon04:4104:30
Thomas KuhnMercer IslandWashingtonIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent05:0904:58
Konstantinos MichopoulosAthensGreeceMarathon03:4603:36
Curtis RepenBoltonOntarioOlympic03:0602:55
Alex OchoaCiudad de MéxicoCiudad de MéxicoSprint01:2101:13
Shawn CraigModestoCaliforniaIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent05:1205:03
Hendrik AlbersHannoverNiedersachsenHalf Marathon02:0301:54
Julia PonceGuayaquilEcuador5K00:4200:35
Michael SchollmeierPeoriaIllinoisIRONMAN or equivalent14:4011:07 *no swim
Bettina DorschRottenburgGermanySprint01:3901:33
Tom BrooksMelbourneVictoriaHalf Marathon01:4801:43
Marco La spinaLegnanoMilano10K00:4900:45
Paul CarrollNewportShropshireHalf Marathon01:3501:32
Sarah PirolliRossfordOhio10K00:5300:50
Brendan GriffinHoustonTexas5K00:2700:24
Florent ChapelleMaisons AlfortÎle-de-France10K00:4300:40
Forrest WebbUniontownOhio5K00:2400:22
Mark SngLondonEnglandHalf Marathon01:5301:45
Kevin PogacarTorontoOntarioIRONMAN or equivalent10:30
Arraissia AymenTunisTunisiaMarathon03:56
Edson VassolerRaymondMaineIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent04:48
Greg PawlisaNew YorkNew YorkIRONMAN or equivalent10:57
Marko TomasevicHerceg NoviMontenegroSprint01:15
Daniel KilianMunichMunichIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent04:52
Sergio RealMacauMacau S.A.R.IRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent05:30
Craig LeavittEdmontonAlbertaHalf Marathon01:58
Erik EnqvistGöteborgSwedenOlympic02:38
Scotty ArellanoSan FranciscoCaliforniaIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent05:50
Roger HipwellEden PrairieMinnesotaIRONMAN or equivalent12:38
Harald SchernthanerKufsteinTyrolHalf Marathon02:32
Robert GlückseligBirenbachGermanyIRONMAN or equivalent12:59
Robert LaniganDublinDublinIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent06:27
John HodgesFlushingNew YorkOlympic03:19
Frank SchmidtPadovaItalyIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent06:06
Richard FinlaysonPaddingtonNew South WalesIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent06:15
Jonathan KeimHuntsvilleAlabamaIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent06:55
Álvaro MautoneMinasLavallejaMarathon04:30
Rachel WhiteheadWorkingtonCumbriaIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent06:08
Brett HoyerLake StevensWashingtonMarathon04:16
Helen HaywardPalmyraWestern AustraliaIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent07:22
Adrian TilstonRestonVirginiaIRONMAN or equivalent15:05
Matthew DeVoeNew YorkIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent05:29
Gareth ByrneDun LaoghaireDublinIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent05:43
Clair StewartLas VegasNevadaOlympic03:49
Gerhan CoetzeeDubaiUAEIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent05:38
Chris BlackPeoriaIllinoisIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent06:43
Ioannis SpeisGerakasAthensIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent06:47
Christopher BarryLeeMassachusettsIRONMAN or equivalent14:47
Pat DonohueWaterfordMichiganIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent06:43
Jon GoehringPendletonIndianaIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent07:02
Shawn PlattSherrillNew YorkIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent06:43
Jorge FarohPanamaPanamaIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent05:58
Kevin SteeleKanataOntarioIRONMAN or equivalent13:32
Alicia PhillipsEast PeoriaIllinoisOlympic02:04
Marco SaracenoVeronaItalyHalf Marathon01:58
Steve MessengerWindhamMaineIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent06:24
Edward OConnellMazeppaMinnesotaIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent06:45
Brad FiorenzaHoustonTexasIRONMAN 70.3 or equivalent05:30
Eduardo LalloMadridMadridHalf Marathon02:16