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Curious About the New 80/20 Endurance Plans on Final Surge?

80/20 Endurance has become a signature brand in the world of endurance training, known globally for its simple yet effective approach, pioneered by Matt Fitzgerald in his book, 80/20 Running. This successful methodology has expanded into 80/20 Triathlon (authored by 80/20 Endurance co-founder David Warden) and further into a comprehensive Coach Certification program based on the 80/20 Endurance principles.

We at 80/20 Endurance are thrilled to announce the expansion of our best-selling training plans and workout libraries for athletes and coaches on the Final Surge platform!

This development has been a long-standing request from our community. Final Surge is renowned for its cutting-edge tools that help athletes stay healthy and maintain simple, successful training regimens. In a world of endurance sports filled with data, variables, and noise, Final Surge’s straightforward approach to training, tracking, and communication has made it the preferred platform for numerous top coaching groups and hundreds of thousands of endurance athletes.

Athletes can now find nearly all of our running, cycling, and triathlon plans on Final Surge, similar to our offerings on TrainingPeaks.

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For Coaches: 80/20 Endurance is one of the first major brands to provide workout libraries and training plans for commercial use with athletes, available as an annual benefit to all 80/20 certified coaches. This critical support helps coaches at all levels prescribe training that is efficient, safe, and effective.

If you are seeking to provide better guidance for your athletes and want great tools to build training and workouts, consider joining our vibrant and growing certified coach community. You can get a free preview of the certification course here: 80/20 Endurance Coaching Certification Course.

For Athletes: If you are looking for training plans and guidance on Final Surge, we encourage you to explore our affordable subscription offerings: 80/20 Endurance Training Plans on Final Surge.

Welcome aboard!

Jim Vance
80/20 Coach Education Leader

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