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80/20 Endurance is seeking a first-rate endurance coach to manage our soon-to-launch Platinum Subscription service. The job entails providing light coaching support such as periodic training plan adjustments to 80/20 athletes. This is a great opportunity for a hungry endurance coach who is confident in their ability bring real value to the Platinum Subscription service and who relishes the potential to grow and develop with 80/20 Endurance.


This is a remote position. Applicants from any location are welcome.

Position and Pay

As a contract position the Assistant Coach/Platinum Subscription Manager will receive a flat-fee payment for each athlete they manage. As this is a new service, it is expected that the person serving in this role will be responsible for a small number of athletes initially and that their time commitment and pay will increase as the Platinum Subscription service matures. The Assistant Coach/Platinum Subscription Manager’s roster will be capped at 50 athletes. The estimated weekly time commitment at 50 athletes is 10 hours.


Platinum subscribers receive the following benefits, all of which are delivered by the Assistant Coach/Platinum Subscription Manager and collectively define the scope of responsibilities for the position:

  • Initial email consultation resulting in the selection, modification, and application of readymade 80/20 Endurance training plans to the athlete’s TrainingPeaks calendar
  • Follow-up email consultations triggered when the athlete completes their current plan(s) and is ready for new ones
  • Weekly coach check-ins, where the coach reviews the preceding week’s training, provides feedback in the form of a note on the athlete’s TrainingPeaks calendar, and, if necessary, adjusts future training
  • Weekly group video chats, where Platinum subscribers have direct, live access to the Assistant Coach/Platinum Subscription Manager for the purpose of having their questions answered.
  • Access to an exclusive Platinum Subscriber chat forum monitored daily by the Assistant Coach/Platinum Subscription Manager


Applicants for the position of Assistant Coach/Platinum Subscription Manager must meet the following requirements:

  • Certification as an 80/20 Endurance coach or current enrollment in the 80/20 Endurance Coaching Certification program
  • Experience as a competitive endurance athlete
  • Ability to effectively coach runners and triathletes
  • Familiarity with the TrainingPeaks platform (preferred)

80/20 Endurance is seeking and Athlete Success Representative to manage our athletes' inquiries. This position entails providing support to athletes who have purchased our training plans, utilize our subscription services, enrolled in our coaching certification, and who are interested in 80/20 Endurance services in general. This is a great opportunity if you want to learn more about the business of endurance sports and enjoy working with athletes to solve problems.

This is a part-time position, estimated at 20 hours per week.

Location: This is a remote position

As our Athlete Success Representative, you will handle the following responsibilities:

  • Respond to athlete inquiries
  • Maintain accurate records of athlete interactions and transactions in corporate CRM, because we don't want to forget the good times
  • Provide information on programs, services, and resources available to athletes
  • Identify and escalate complex athlete issues to the right team members. Some problems are too big for just one person, right?
  • Meet performance metrics, such as response times

In a typical day as our Athlete Success Manager, you may find yourself doing the following:

  • Log in to athlete management software and review any pending inquiries. The day starts early for champions
  • Answer incoming athlete inquiries and exceed expectations in the process
  • Collaborate with or escalate to other departments, such as Coaching, Training, and Community as needed to solve complex athlete issues
  • Document athlete interactions and transactions in TrainingPeaks and corporate CRM
  • Remind yourself that despite having most of the exact same duties, you are not a Customer Service Representative. You are an Athlete Success Representative (say it out loud)
  • Provide information on programs, services, and resources available to athletes and assist with program-related questions


  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • 1+ years of customer service experience, because we believe in paying our dues
  • Experience in endurance sports and a passion for athlete development
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to multitask, prioritize, and manage time effectively
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Familiarity with TrainingPeaks athlete management software

This is your dream job if:

  • You know how to write effective messages
  • You have a passion for endurance sports
  • You want to work from anywhere in the world
  • You demonstrate the ability to work independently and take initiative
  • You have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • You have exceptional time-management skills
  • You understand what great customer service means
  • You are more excited than intimidated by the challenge of playing a principal role in building a business from the “ground floor”
  • You love helping individuals improve their life through endurance sports

Compensation: Hourly, part-time, contingent on experience.


We think experience in endurance sports will make our Operations Manager more effective. Tell us what you've done.

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