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80/20 Endurance is growing. Launched serendipitously in 2015 by author Matt Fitzgerald and coach David Warden, 80/20 Endurance has quickly developed into one of the largest endurance training plan providers in the world. With annual gross revenues reaching $500,000, we increased by 30% in 2020 in spite of COVID-19 and expect similar increases in 2021. We aim to be a $1M company by the end of 2023. Can you help us get there and share in our success?

Position: Operations Manager

This position has been filled

This is a full-time position, hybrid Operations Manager/Brand Manager. We're looking for someone who can help run the day-to-day, while still promote and market the 80/20 brand.

Location: Anywhere. This is a remote position.

Requirements: Degree in Business Management, Business Administration, Marketing, Operations Management, Project Management, World Domination or equivalent. Experience and passion in endurance sports.

Salary: Base salary plus profit sharing. Base salary contingent on experience.

As our Operations Manager, you will handle the following responsibilities:

  • Monitoring key operational and business metrics and designing and implementing strategies to consistently improve them
  • Planning and executing long-term social media campaigns for all major platforms
  • Prioritizing, managing, and completing concurrent projects
  • Managing member subscriptions and other products and services
  • Responding to and fulfilling customer requests
  • Generating regular financial and other performance reports
  • Collaborating with and supporting third-party vendors, contractors, and partners

In a typical day as our Operations Manager, you may find yourself doing the following:

  • Roll out of bed and head over to your computer to work from home
  • Answer requests for solutions from athletes
  • Set up or modify athletes’ subscriptions and training plans and thrill them with your thorough and quick response
  • Check on results of social media campaigns and adjust accordingly
  • Add content to the 80/20 Instagram account
  • Plan part of the weekly e-newsletter
  • Pay partners for work completed
  • Call your parents and tell them they were right all along
  • Film a new onboarding video
  • Help an affiliate set up their account
  • Test a potential software solution that might solve a problem
  • Suggest an improvement to an existing process
  • Hear the cofounders tell you (again) how glad they are they hired you

This is your dream job if:

  • You have a passion for endurance sports
  • You are motivated by a profit-sharing system that rewards you for increasing revenue
  • You hold bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Business Administration, Marketing, Operations Management, or Project Management, or similar degree
  • You want to work from anywhere in the world
  • You demonstrate the ability to work independently and take initiative
  • You have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • You’re a whiz with social media, apps, the Internet, and the most commonly used business software programs
  • You have exceptional time-management skills
  • You understand what great customer service means
  • You are more excited than intimidated by the challenge of playing a principal role in building a business from the “ground floor”
  • You love helping individuals improve their life through endurance sports