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80/20 Endurance is seeking experienced cycling coaches to help deliver cycling workouts live and virtually, via video, and teach skills related to the workouts’ focus, for our soon-to-launch 80/20 Virtual Cycling Club subscription service. 

The job entails providing structured cycling workouts with instructions and gamification to 80/20 athletes, mostly cyclists and triathletes. This is a great opportunity for a hungry endurance coach who is confident in their ability to bring real value to the 80/20 Virtual Cycling Club subscription service, and who relishes the potential to grow and develop with 80/20 Endurance and advance their career path in coaching.


This is a remote position. Applicants from any location are welcome.

Position and Pay

As a contracted position, the Virtual Cycling Coach will receive a flat-fee payment for each cycling workout they deliver and execute live, via a software program called Velocity. The coach would work directly with the Program Manager to build, schedule and deliver the workouts on a timeline suitable for the coach. 

Pay Rate: Compensation for coaches begins at $40 minimum per workout, and adjusts up from there based on the number of workouts delivered in a month, the length of each workout, (30-60 mins), as well as the experience level of the coach and the quality of the workouts and athlete experience delivered. 

Time Commitment: The estimated weekly time commitment would be between 1-4 hours per week, based on agreement between 80/20 Endurance and the coach. Motivated and successful coaches have the potential to increase their time commitment and compensation beyond this level.

Bonus Pay: There will also potentially be bonus payments available for coaches based on performance. 

Years of Service: Those coaches who establish themselves will find a long-term growth opportunity of higher pay per workout and additional bonus pay for the viewership and following they create.


These are virtual cycling workouts, with a coach live on video, facilitating the structured workout to the attendees, complete with guidance on the skills to execute. This is very similar to an in-person spin or cycling trainer studio workout at a facility, but delivered virtually, with gamification. 

  • Report to the Program Manager to coordinate, build, schedule, and execute workouts
  • Define each workout’s purpose and skill focus (8020 Endurance will help guide this)
  • Create structured workout, complete with gradients, scored intervals, and proper tags added for our library of recorded workouts
  • Determine when the workout will be delivered and offered to the athlete population
  • Conduct and execute the workout at the scheduled time
  • Leverage the software’s tools to deliver a fun, engaging workout for athletes
  • Give feedback to athletes to help them enjoy, learn, and stay engaged in the workout
  • Coaches will coach the workout while on a bike themselves
  • Workouts delivered can range from 30 mins to 2 hours, and will be approved by 80/20 staff (Coaches can choose which workout types and lengths they are comfortable providing)


Applicants for the position of Virtual Cycling Club Coach must meet the following requirements:

  • Certification as an 80/20 Endurance coach or current enrollment in the 80/20 Endurance Coaching Certification program
  • Experience as a spin class instructor, or in-person group cycling workout instructor (preferred)
  • Experience and knowledge of coaching and training with cycling power meters
  • Experience as a competitive endurance athlete
  • Ability to effectively coach both cyclists and triathletes and a range of ability and experience levels
  • Bluetooth enabled smart trainer or power meter


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