Strength Library

The 80/20 Strength Library is a collection of endurance strength exercises. These are the same exercises found in our Premium Strength Plans, with this page providing larger exercise images. While this library can be used to create your own custom plan, the Premium Strength Plans include the exercise descriptions, are scheduled to match your 80/20 training plan, and ordered to maximize running or triathlon performance. Please also review the document Understanding Your Premium 80/20 Strength Training Plan. 

Achilles Tendon Stretch
Back and Triceps Stretch
Back of Shoulder Stretch A
Back of Shoulder Stretch B
Band Walk A
Band Walk B
Cable High Low Pull A
Cable High Low Pull B
Cable Low High Pull A
Cable Low High Pull B
Cable Shoulder External Rotation A
Cable Shoulder External Rotation B
Cable Shoulder Internal Rotation A
Cable Shoulder Internal Rotation B
Chest and Front of Shoulder Stretch A
Chest and Front of Shoulder Stretch B
Dynamic Chest Stretch with Broomstick A
Dynamic Chest Stretch with Broomstick B
Eccentric Heel Dip A
Eccentric Heel Dip B
Gastrocnemius and Soleus Stretch A
Gastrocnemius and Soleus Stretch B
Glutes and Hip Abductors Stretch
Hamstrings Stretch
Hip Adductor Stretch
Hip Flexor Stretch
Inverted Shoulder Press A
Inverted Shoulder Press B
Kettlebell Swing A
Kettlebell Swing B
Pull-up A
Pull-up B
Quadriceps Stretch
Scapular Push-up A
Scapular Push-up B
Scapular Push-up C
Scapular Wall Slide A
Scapular Wall Slide B
Side Lying Hip Lift A
Side Lying Hip Lift B
Side Plank
Side Step Up A
Side Step Up B
Single-Leg Balancing Advanced
Single-Leg Balancing
Split Stance Dumbbell Deadlift A
Split Stance Dumbbell Deadlift B
Squat to Stand A
Squat to Stand B
Stability Ball Hamstrings Curl A
Stability Ball Hamstrings Curl B
Stability Ball Hamstring Curl Advanced A
Stability Ball Hamstrings Curl Advanced B
Stability Ball Pushup A
Stability Ball Pushup B
Stability Ball Trunk Rotation A
Stability Ball Trunk Rotation B
Stability Ball Walkout A
Stability Ball Walkout B
Stick Crunch A
Stick Crunch B
Supine Hip Rotation A
Supine Hip Rotation B
TFL Stretch
Thoracic Spine Mobilization A
Thoracic Spine Mobilization B
Trunk Cable Rotation A
Trunk Cable Rotation B
Walking Butt Kick A
Walking Butt Kick B
Walking Lunge with Overhead Reach
Wall Ankle Mobilization
Wall Circle A
Wall Circle B
Wall Circle C
Wall Circle D