80/20 Strength Library

The 80/20 Strength Library is a collection of endurance strength exercises. These are the same exercises found in our Premium Strength Plans, with this page providing larger exercise images and videos. While this library can be used to create your own custom plan, the Premium Strength Plans include the exercise descriptions, are scheduled to match your 80/20 training plan, and ordered to maximize running or triathlon performance. Please also review the document Understanding Your Premium 80/20 Strength Training Plan. Don't forget to check out the companion 80/20 Workout Library for a suite of swim, bike and run workouts that can be loaded to your compatible device.

4 point knee eccentric4 point knee eccentricVideoxx
4 point knee eccentric 24 point knee eccentric 2xx
4 point rocks4 point rocksVideoxx
4 point shoulder taps 2 angle4 point shoulder taps 2 anglex
addcutor bandaddcutor bandVideoxx
addcutor band supineaddcutor band supineVideoxx
adductor band stretchadductor band stretchVideoxx
adductor band stretch2adductor band stretch2x
adductor foam roller pngadductor foam roller pngVideoxx
adductor foam rolling 2adductor foam rolling 2x
adductor side lyingadductor side lyingVideoxx
adductor side lying2adductor side lying2Videoxx
adductor squeeze3adductor squeeze3Videoxx
adductor squeeze4adductor squeeze4x
adductor squeeze5adductor squeeze5x
adductor squeeze6adductor squeeze6x
adductor squeeze7adductor squeeze7x
adductor squeeze8adductor squeeze8x
adductor tiltadductor tiltVideoxx
adductor tilt 2adductor tilt 2Videoxx
air squatair squatx
ankle romankle romVideoxx
anterior shin foam rolleranterior shin foam rollerVideoxx
around the worldaround the worldVideoxx
aslr 2aslr 2x
assisted fxn reachassisted fxn reachVideoxx
assisted fxn reach 2assisted fxn reach 2x
assisted fxn reach 3assisted fxn reach 3x
assisted leg swingVideoxx
assisted rdlassisted rdlVideoxx
backwards quad stretchbackwards quad stretchx
band ant hipband ant hipVideoxx
band bent over row 2 (change)band bent over row 2 (change)x
band big toe passoverband big toe passoverVideoxx
band big toe singleband big toe singlex
band big toe single footband big toe single footx
band big toe single standingband big toe single standingx
band big toe2band big toe2x
band clamsband clamsVideoxx
band clams isometricVideoxx
band hip driveband hip driveVideoxx
band hip extband hip extVideoxx
band knee hip extband knee hip extVideoxx
band mini squatband mini squatVideoxx
band mini squat ATWband mini squat ATWVideoxx
band mini squat2band mini squat2Videoxx
band peronealband peronealVideoxx
band squatband squatx
band tibialis anteriorband tibialis anteriorVideoxx
band tibialis posteriorband tibialis posteriorVideoxx
barbell DLbarbell DLx
barbell hip hingebarbell hip hingex
barbell hip thrustbarbell hip thrustVideox
barbell RDLbarbell RDLVideox
bear crawlbear crawlVideox
bench 2 leg hip ext spreadbench 2 leg hip ext spreadx
bench 2 leg hip extensionbench 2 leg hip extensionVideox
bench ITB stretchbench ITB stretchVideox
bent knee chicken pecker2bent knee chicken pecker2x
bent over rowbent over rowVideo
big toe band curlbig toe band curlVideoxx
big toe band single 2big toe band single 2xx
big toe elevated calf raise2big toe elevated calf raise2Videoxx
big toe elevated calf stretchbig toe elevated calf stretchVideoxx
bird dogbird dogVideoxx
bird dog rowbird dog rowVideox
bottoms up single leg balancebottoms up single leg balanceVideoxxx
bottoms up SL balancebottoms up SL balancex
box squatbox squatVideoxx
box squat with weightbox squat with weightVideox
butt scootbutt scootVideoxx
butterfly forward foldbutterfly forward foldx
calf foam rollercalf foam rollerVideoxx
calf isometricsVideoxx
calf lacrosse ballcalf lacrosse ballVideoxx
calf pin and stretchcalf pin and stretchx
calf raise toe elevatedcalf raise toe elevatedx
calf raise toes incalf raise toes inVideox
calf raise toes outcalf raise toes outVideox
calf stretchcalf stretchVideoxx
calf stretch2calf stretch2x
cat cowcat cowVideoxx
childs posechilds posex
coppenhagen anklescoppenhagen anklesVideoxx
coppenhagen kneescoppenhagen kneesVideoxx
coppenhagen up and downcoppenhagen up and downVideoxx
corkscrew footcorkscrew footVideoxx
counter weight lungecounter weight lungex
dead bugdead bugVideoxxx
deadlift all anglesdeadlift all anglesxx
deadlift elevateddeadlift elevatedxx
deadlift frontdeadlift frontxx
deadlift sidedeadlift sidexx
deadlift with barbelldeadlift with barbellVideoxx
deadlift with kettlebelldeadlift with kettlebellVideoxxx
diver 2Videoxx
donkey kicksdonkey kicksVideoxx
donkey whipdonkey whipx
double leg calf raise blockdouble leg calf raise blockVideoxx
double leg calf raise2double leg calf raise2x
double leg glute bridgedouble leg glute bridgeVideoxx
double leg hamstring curl swiss balldouble leg hamstring curl swiss ballVideoxx
double leg hamstring curl swiss ball 2double leg hamstring curl swiss ball 2x
double leg hamstring eccentric swiss balldouble leg hamstring eccentric swiss ballx
down dogdown dogVideox
elevated deadlift2elevated deadlift2Videoxx
elevated hamstring bridgeVideoxx
elevated KB deadliftelevated KB deadliftVideoxx
elevated pushupelevated pushupVideoxx
elevated sumoelevated sumoVideoxx
extender foam rollerextender foam rollerx
face down quadface down quadx
farmers walkfarmers walkVideoxxx
fire hydrantfire hydrantVideoxx
floor hamstringfloor hamstringx
floor quad kneelingfloor quad kneelingx
foam roller ball OHfoam roller ball OHx
foam roller chest openerfoam roller chest openerx
foam roller leg liftsfoam roller leg liftsVideoxxx
foot domefoot domex
foot in and outsfoot in and outsx
forward bendforward bendVideoxx
forward leanforward leanx
four point hip sitfour point hip sitx
front plankfront plankVideoxxx
front squatfront squatVideoxxx
glute bridge iso holds at topglute bridge iso holds at topVideoxx
glute bridge iso holds at top 2glute bridge iso holds at top 2xx
glute foam rollerglute foam rollerVideoxx
glute lacrosse ballglute lacrosse ballVideoxx
glute stretchglute stretchxx
goblet squatgoblet squatVideoxx
goblet squat 1goblet squat 1xx
goblet squat 2goblet squat 2x
goblet squat 3goblet squat 3Videox
good morninggood morningx
good morning or strait leg DLgood morning or strait leg DLVideox
ground hamstringground hamstringx
ground hip flexor - psoas stretchground hip flexorVideoxx
ground ITB stretchground ITB stretchxx
ground itb stretch 2ground itb stretch 2x
halo kneeshalo kneesxx
halo split stancehalo split stancexx
hamstring band 3hamstring band 3hamstring band 3Videoxx
hamstring bridgehamstring bridgeVideoxx
hamstring bridge with leg lifthamstring bridge with leg liftVideoxx
hamstring extenderhamstring extenderVideoxx
hamstring floor 2hamstring floor 2xx
hamstring foam rollerhamstring foam rollerVideoxx
hamstring forward bendhamstring forward bendx
hamstring forward bend R and Lhamstring forward bend R and Lx
hamstring isometric swiss ballhamstring isometric swiss ballx
hamstring slider double leg curlhamstring slider double leg curlVideoxx
hamstring slider double leg eccentrichamstring slider double leg eccentricVideoxx
hamstring slider single leg curlshamstring slider single leg curlsVideoxx
hamstring slider single leg eccentrichamstring slider single leg eccentricVideoxx
hamstring strait leg hip hingehamstring strait leg hip hingexx
heel bridgeheel bridgexx
heels elevated squatheels elevated squatVideoxx
heels elevated squat2heels elevated squat2xx
hip airplane 2hip airplane 2Videoxx
hip airplane fronthip airplane frontxx
hip airplane sidehip airplane sidexx
hip drophip dropxx
hip extensor stretch floorhip extensor stretch floorxx
hip extensor stretch floor 2hip extensor stretch floor 2xx
hip flexion drive and swingsVideoxx
hip flexor quad stretchhip flexor quad stretchxx
hip flexor stretch ground sidehip flexor stretch ground sidexx
hip hikehip hikeVideoxx
hip hike3hip hike3xx
hip hingehip hingeVideoxx
hip hinge RDLhip hinge RDLxx
hip hinge thoracic spine rotationhip hinge thoracic rotationVideoxx
hip openerhip openerxx
hip opener 2hip opener 2xx
hip rockVideoxx
in and outin and outVideoxx
in line pallofin line pallofVideoxxx
inline split stanceinline split stancexx
isometric elevated hamstring bridgeVideoxx
ITB band stretchITB band stretchxx
ITB foam rollerITB foam rollerVideoxx
KB passoverKB passoverVideoxx
kb swingkb swingVideoxxx
kettlebell passoverkettlebell passoverxx
knee to chestknee to chestxx
knee to chest 2knee to chest 2xx
kneeling glute sitkneeling glute sitxx
kneeling hip thrustkneeling hip thrustxx
kneeling pallofkneeling pallofVideoxxx
kossak 2kossak 2Videoxx
lateral glute foam rollerlateral glute foam rollerVideoxx
lateral glute lacrosse balllateral glute lacrosse ballxx
leg forward mini squatleg forward mini squatxx
leg swings with resistanceleg swingsVideoxx
leg whipleg whipxx
little toe bandlittle toe bandxx
little toe band2little toe band2xx
little toes uplittle toes upxx
lumbar rotationlumbar rotationVideoxx
lunge counter weightlunge counter weightVideoxx
lunge rotationlunge rotationVideoxx
marching elevated hamstring bridgeVideoxx
mcgill side bridgemcgill side bridgeVideoxxx
mcgill side bridge2mcgill side bridge2xxx
mini lungemini lungexx
mini squatmini squatVideoxx
mini squat hip hikeVideoxx
monster walk ankle side 2monster walk ankle side 2xx
monster walk ankles sidemonster walk ankles sidexx
monster walk forwardmonster walk forwardxx
monster walk forward 2monster walk forward 2xx
monster walk knees - side to sidemonster walk kneesVideoxx
mulligan hipmulligan hipVideoxx
mulligan post hipmulligan post hipVideoxx
norwegain down up - isometricnorwegain down upVideoxx
norwegian negnorwegian negVideoxx
outside of foot moboutside of foot mobVideoxx
outside toes band pass-overVideoxx
peroneal foam rollerperoneal foam rollerVideoxx
pigeon 1pigeon 1Videoxx
pigeon 2pigeon2xx
plank leg liftplank leg liftxx
Plank pass throughVideoxx
plank pull through bandplank pull through bandVideox
plank sawplank sawVideoxx
plank saw 1 legplank saw 1 legVideoxx
plank saw slidersplank saw2Videoxx
plantar flexion stretchplantar flexion stretchxx
plantar lacrosse ballplantar lacrosse ballVideoxx
plantar stretchplantar stretchVideoxx
post tib calf raisepost tib calf raiseVideoxx
prayer stretchprayer stretchVideoxx
praying squatpraying squatVideoxx
push uppush upVideoxxx
quad foam rollerquad foam rollerVideoxx
quad lateral leanquad lateral leanxx
quad rdlquad rdlVideoxx
quad rdl 2quad rdl 2xx
quad wall stretchquad wall stretchVideoxx
quarter squatquarter squatVideoxx
quarter squat heels elevatedquarter squat heels elevatedxx
resisted hip thrustresisted hip thrustxx
RFE split squatRFE split squatVideoxx
rfe split squat 2rfe split squat 2xx
RNT clamRNT clamVideoxx
RNT lungeRNT lungeVideoxx
RNT mini squatRNT mini squatVideoxx
rolling plankrolling plankVideoxx
runners lungeVideoxx
seated lateral flexionVideoxx
short foot domeshort foot domexx
short foot toe curlshort foot toe curlxx
side bridge kneesside bridge kneesVideoxx
side leg raiseside leg raiseVideoxx
side leg raise bandside leg raise bandVideoxx
side leg raise band isometricVideoxx
side leg raise2side leg raise2Videoxx
side lying ITB bench 2side lying ITB bench 2xx
side plankside plankVideoxx
side plank ball btw legsside plank ball btw legsVideoxx
side plank crunchside plank crunchxx
side plank rowside plank rowxxx
side step upside step upVideox
side whipside whipxx
singe leg RDL side viewsinge leg RDL side viewxx
single leg balancesingle leg balanceVideoxx
single leg balance ECsingle leg balance ECxx
single leg balance eyes closedsingle leg balance eyes closedVideoxx
single leg balance unstablesingle leg balance unstableVideoxx
single leg balanced EC unstablesingle leg balanced EC unstableVideoxx
single leg balnce unstablesingle leg balnce unstableVideoxx
single leg bench hip extensionVideox
single leg box squatsingle leg box squatVideoxx
single leg box squat 2single leg box squat 2xx
single leg box squat eccentricsingle leg box squat eccentricVideoxx
single leg box squat weightsingle leg box squat weightxx
single leg calf raisesingle leg calf raiseVideoxx
single leg calf raise 2single leg calf raise 2Videoxx
single leg calf raise blocksingle leg calf raise blockxx
single leg deadliftsingle leg deadliftxx
single leg deadlift 2single leg deadlift 2xx
single leg deadlift 23single leg deadlift 23xx
single leg deadlift 5single leg deadlift 5xx
single leg deadlift weightsingle leg deadlift weightxx
single leg deadlift2single leg deadlift2xx
single leg dome back viewsingle leg dome back viewxx
single leg glute bridgesingle leg glute bridgeVideoxx
single leg glute bridge 3single leg glute bridge 3xx
single leg glute bridge2single leg glute bridge2xx
single leg hamstring bridgesingle leg hamstring bridgeVideoxx
single leg hamstring curl swiss ballsingle leg hamstring curl swiss ballVideoxx
single leg hamstring eccentric swiss ballsingle leg hamstring eccentric swiss ballVideoxx
single leg hamstring eccentric swiss ball 2single leg hamstring eccentric swiss ball 2Videoxx
single leg hamstring eccentric swiss ball 3single leg hamstring eccentric swiss ball 3xx
single leg mini squat backwardssingle leg mini squat backwardsxx
single leg mini squat to sidesingle leg mini squat to sidexx
single leg press 1 armsingle leg press 1 armxx
single leg press 2 armssingle leg press 2 armsVideoxx
single leg rdlsingle leg rdlVideoxx
single leg rdl 2single leg rdl 2xx
Single leg RDL 45 degreesSingle leg RDL 45 degreesVideoxx
single leg rdl counter weightsingle leg rdl counter weightVideoxx
single leg rdl counter weight 2single leg rdl counter weight 2xx
single leg rdl to rowsingle leg rdl to rowVideoxx
single leg rowsingle leg rowVideoxx
single leg squatsingle leg squatxx
single leg squat boxsingle leg squat boxVideoxx
single leg stance 2single leg stance 2xx
single leg swing forward backwardsingle leg swing forward backwardVideoxx
sinlge leg stancesinlge leg stancexx
sitting knee to chestsitting knee to chestxx
skater squatskater squatVideoxx
soleus raise 1 legsoleus raise 1 legVideoxx
soleus raise 2 legssolues raise 2 legsVideoxx
soleus stretchsoleus stretchxx
split squatVideoxx
split squat assistedsplit squat assistedVideoxx
split squat counter weightsplit squat counter weightVideoxx
split stance pallofsplit pallofVideoxx
split stance presssplit stance pressVideoxx
split stance rowsplit stance rowVideoxx
squat 2squat 2x
squat leg slide outsquat leg slide outx
squat pallofsquat pallofVideoxx
squat rotationsquat rotationx
squat rotation 2squat rotation 2x
squat rotation 3squat rotation 3x
standing adductor behindstanding adductor behindxx
standing adductor frontstanding adductor frontxx
standing hip flexion bandstanding hip flexion bandVideoxx
standing hip flexion bent kneestanding hip flexion bent kneexx
standing hip flexor knee drive and leg swing assistedstanding hip flexor strait legVideoxx
standing lateral leanstanding lateral leanVideoxx
standing quadstanding quadVideoxx
star balancestar balanceVideoxx
step up and drivestep up and driveVideox
step up and drive2step up and drive2x
step up and reachVideoxx
step up ballstep up ballx
step up ball 2step up ball 2x
step up ball OHstep up ball OHx
step up knee drivestep up knee drivex
step up leg swingstep up leg swingx
step up with twiststep up with twistVideox
step upsstep upsVideox
stiff leg rdlstiff leg rdlVideoxx
stir the pot - add graphicstir the pot - add graphicVideoxx
strait leg chicken peckerstrait leg chicken peckerxx
strait leg rdl - diverstrait leg rdlVideoxx
suitcase carrysuitcase carryx
sumo deadliftsumo deadliftVideox
sumo deadlift 2sumo deadlift 2x
supine band hip flexor knee drivessupine band hip flexorVideoxx
supported leg drivesupported leg drivexx
supported leg swingsupported leg swingxx
swiss ball crunch leg liftswiss ball crunch leg liftVideoxxx
swiss ball hamstring curl arms upswiss ball hamstring curl arms upVideoxx
swiss ball knee driveswiss ball knee driveVideoxx
swiss ball leg liftswiss ball leg liftVideoxx
swiss ball plankswiss ball plankVideoxx
swiss ball rolloutswiss ball rolloutVideoxx
swiss ball twistVideox
t exerciset exercisexx
t spine foam rollert spine foam rollerVideoxx
t spine foam roller 2t spine foam roller 2xx
t spine foam roller OH CWt spine foam roller OH CWxx
t4 rotationt4 rotationxx
talus mobtalus mobVideoxx
TFL BandTFL BandVideoxx
thoracic bridgethoracic bridgexx
thoracic spine rot hip ext groundthoracic spine rot hip ext groundxx
thoracic Spine RotationVideox
tib ant kb lifttib ant kb liftxx
toe curltoe curlxx
toe curl lifttoe curl liftxx
toe splaytoe splayxx
torsional buttress 2torsional buttress 2Videoxx
torsional buttress side viewtorsional buttress side viewxx
turkish get upturkish get upVideoxxxx
turkish get up 2turkish get up 2xxxx
upper thoracic spine rotationVideox
vasso strap - rotational strap drivevasso strapVideoxx
w exercisew exercisexx
wall ball hip hikeswall ball hip hikesxx
wall calf stretchwall calf stretchxx
wall hip hikewall hip hikeVideoxx
wall hip hike2wall hip hike2xx