Strength Library – 80/20 Endurance

Strength Library

The 80/20 Strength Library is a collection of endurance strength exercises. These are the same exercises found in our Premium Strength Plans, with this page providing larger exercise images. While this library can be used to create your own custom plan, the Premium Strength Plans include the exercise descriptions, are scheduled to match your 80/20 training plan, and ordered to maximize running or triathlon performance. Please also review the document Understanding Your Premium 80/20 Strength Training Plan. 

4 point knee eccentric 2
4 point knee eccentric
4 point rocks
4 point shoulder taps 2 angle
addcutor band supine
addcutor band
adductor band stretch
adductor band stretch2
adductor foam roller png
adductor foam rolling 2
adductor side lying
adductor side lying2
adductor squeeze3
adductor squeeze4
adductor squeeze5
adductor squeeze6
adductor squeeze7
adductor squeeze8
adductor tilt 2
adductor tilt
air squat
ankle rom
anterior shin foam roller
around the world
aslr 2
assisted fxn reach 2
assisted fxn reach 3
assisted fxn reach
assisted rdl
backwards quad stretch
band ant hip
band bent over row 2 (change)
band big toe passover
band big toe single foot
band big toe single standing
band big toe single
band big toe2
band clams
band hip drive
band hip ext
band knee hip ext
band mini squat ATW
band mini squat
band mini squat2
band peroneal
band squat
band tibialis anterior
band tibialis posterior
barbell DL
barbell hip hinge
barbell hip thrust
barbell RDL
bear crawl
bench 2 leg hip ext spread
bench 2 leg hip extension
bench ITB stretch
bent knee chicken pecker2
bent over row
big toe band curl
big toe band single 2
big toe elevated calf raise2
big toe elevated calf stretch
bird dog row
bird dog
bottoms up single leg balance
bottoms up SL balance
box squat with weight
box squat
butt scoot
butterfly forward fold
calf foam roller
calf lacrosse ball
calf pin and stretch
calf raise toe elevated
calf raise toes in
calf raise toes out
calf stretch
calf stretch2
cat cow
childs pose
coppenhagen ankles
coppenhagen knees
coppenhagen up and down
corkscrew foot
counter weight lunge
dead bug
deadlift all angles
deadlift elevated
deadlift front
deadlift side
deadlift with barbell
deadlift with kettlebell
donkey kicks
donkey whip
double leg calf raise block
double leg calf raise2
double leg glute bridge
double leg hamstring curl swiss ball 2
double leg hamstring curl swiss ball
double leg hamstring eccentric swiss ball
down dog
elevated deadlift2
elevated KB deadlift
elevated pushup
elevated sumo
extender foam roller
face down quad
farmers walk
fire hydrant
floor hamstring
floor quad kneeling
foam roller ball OH
foam roller chest opener
foam roller leg lifts
foot dome
foot in and outs
forward bend
forward lean
four point hip sit
front plank
front squat
glute bridge iso holds at top 2
glute bridge iso holds at top
glute foam roller
glute lacrosse ball
glute stretch
goblet squat 1
goblet squat 2
goblet squat 3
goblet squat
good morning or strait leg DL
good morning
ground hamstring
ground hip flexor
ground itb stretch 2
ground ITB stretch
halo knees
halo split stance
hamstring band 3
hamstring bridge with leg lift
hamstring bridge
hamstring extender
hamstring floor 2
hamstring foam roller
hamstring forward bend R and L
hamstring forward bend
hamstring isometric swiss ball
hamstring slider double leg curl
hamstring slider double leg eccentric
hamstring slider single leg curls
hamstring slider single leg eccentric
hamstring strait leg hip hinge
heel bridge
heels elevated squat
heels elevated squat2
hip airplane 2
hip airplane front
hip airplane side
hip drop
hip extensor stretch floor 2
hip extensor stretch floor
hip flexor quad stretch
hip flexor stretch ground side
hip hike
hip hike3
hip hinge RDL
hip hinge thoracic rotation
hip hinge
hip opener 2
hip opener
in and out
in line pallof
inline split stance
ITB band stretch
ITB foam roller
KB passover
kb swing
kettlebell passover
knee to chest 2
knee to chest
kneeling glute sit
kneeling hip thrust
kneeling pallof
kossak 2
lateral glute foam roller
lateral glute lacrosse ball
leg forward mini squat
leg swings
leg whip
little toe band
little toe band2
little toes up
lumbar rotation
lunge counter weight
lunge rotation
mcgill side bridge
mcgill side bridge2
mini lunge
mini squat
monster walk ankle side 2
monster walk ankles side
monster walk forward 2
monster walk forward
monster walk knees
mulligan hip
mulligan post hip
norwegain down up
norwegian neg
outside of foot mob
peroneal foam roller
pigeon 1
plank leg lift
plank pull through band
plank saw 1 leg
plank saw
plank saw2
plantar lacrosse ball
plantar flexion stretch
plantar stretch
post tib calf raise
prayer stretch
praying squat
push up
quad foam roller
quad lateral lean
quad rdl 2
quad rdl
quad rdl2
quad wall stretch
quarter squat heels elevated
quarter squat
resisted hip thrust
rfe split squat 2
RFE split squat
RNT clam
RNT lunge
RNT mini squat
rolling plank
short foot dome
short foot toe curl
side bridge knees
side leg raise band
side leg raise
side leg raise2
side lying ITB bench 2
side plank ball btw legs
side plank crunch
side plank row
side plank
side step up
side whip
singe leg RDL side view
single leg balance EC
single leg balance eyes closed
single leg balance unstable
single leg balance
single leg balanced EC unstable
single leg balnce unstable
single leg box squat 2
single leg box squat eccentric
single leg box squat weight
single leg box squat
single leg calf raise 2
single leg calf raise block
single leg calf raise
single leg deadlift 2
single leg deadlift 23
single leg deadlift 5
single leg deadlift weight
single leg deadlift
single leg deadlift2
single leg dome back view
single leg glute bridge 3
single leg glute bridge
single leg glute bridge2
single leg hamstring bridge
single leg hamstring curl swiss ball
single leg hamstring eccentric swiss ball 2
single leg hamstring eccentric swiss ball 3
single leg hamstring eccentric swiss ball
single leg mini squat backwards
single leg mini squat to side
single leg press 1 arm
single leg press 2 arms
single leg rdl 2
Single leg RDL 45 degrees
single leg rdl counter weight 2
single leg rdl counter weight
single leg rdl to row
single leg rdl
single leg row
single leg squat box
single leg squat
single leg stance 2
single leg swing forward backward
sinlge leg stance
sitting knee to chest
skater squat
soleus raise 1 leg
soleus stretch
solues raise 2 legs
split pallof
split squat assisted
split squat counter weight
split stance press
split stance row
squat 2
squat leg slide out
squat pallof
squat rotation 2
squat rotation 3
squat rotation
standing adductor behind
standing adductor front
standing hip flexion band
standing hip flexion bent knee
standing hip flexor strait leg
standing lateral lean
standing quad
star balance
step up and drive
step up and drive2
step up ball 2
step up ball OH
step up ball
step up knee drive
step up leg swing
step up with twist
step ups
stiff leg rdl
stir the pot - add graphic
strait leg chicken pecker
strait leg rdl
stupid fucking stretch
suitcase carry
sumo deadlift 2
sumo deadlift
supine band hip flexor
supported leg drive
supported leg swing
swiss ball crunch leg lift
swiss ball hamstring curl arms up
swiss ball knee drive
swiss ball leg lift
swiss ball plank
swiss ball rollout
t exercise
t spine foam roller 2
t spine foam roller OH CW
t spine foam roller
t4 rotation
talus mob
TFL Band
thoracic bridge
thoracic spine rot hip ext ground
tib ant kb lift
toe curl lift
toe curl
toe splay
torsional buttress 2
torsional buttress side view
turkish get up 2
turkish get up
vasso strap
w exercise
wall ball hip hikes
wall calf stretch
wall hip hike
wall hip hike2