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1-Hour Coach Consultation

Sometimes you just need a little extra help. Our 1-hour Coach Consultation service give you the chance to meet with one of our 80/20 Endurance staff to discuss plan selection, modification, planning a season, creating goals, and more. At $100 per hour, it can be the perfect fit for athletes looking for something more than a standard plan, but not yet ready to commit to the cost of one-one-one coaching.

One-on-One Coaching

80/20 Endurance offers one-on-one coaching services to runners and triathletes of all levels. Here's how it works: The process begins with a video consultation where your new coach gets to know you as an athlete. From there, Matt guides you through your training with fully customized week-by-week training schedules delivered through the TrainingPeaks platform. Matt will monitor your training daily, offering feedback and answering questions as necessary. One-on-one clients are also entitled to a weekly video check-in and Matt is always on call when an urgent situation arises.

The cost of the service is $400/month for runners and $500/month for triathletes. Billing is done month by month and there is no long-term commitment.

Monthly Platinum Subscription

For just $99 a month, you can receive many of the same bennefits as traditional one-on-one coaching with our Team 80/20 Platinum Subscription. Weekly check-ins with an 80/20 Certified Coach, TrainingPeaks Premium, and the complete 80/20 Endurance portfolio of plans and workouts. It's a perfect fit for the budget-conscious athlete who still wants a human touch guiding their training.

$ubscribe and $ave!

  • Access to over 600 plans
  • Library of 5,000+ workouts
  • TrainingPeaks Premium
  • An 80/20 Endurance Book


30 day money back guarentee

For as little as $2.32 USD per week, 80/20 Endurance Subscribers receive:

  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee