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Custom Training Plans

Think of this service as coaching light, or an affordable alternative to full one-on-one coaching. To start, fill out our custom plan questionnaire. On the basis of the information you supply, we will create a fully customized training plan that fits your personal goals, preferences, needs, and constraints. The entire plan will be delivered at one time on the TrainingPeaks platform for you to follow on your own.

The cost of this service is $15 per customized week for runners and cyclists, and $20 per customized week for triathletes. Full payment is require up front regardless of the length of the plan. There is no long-term commitment.

Run Plan Modification

Stuff happens. Injuries, race cancellations, family emergencies. What do you do when you’ve begun to follow an 80/20 training plan and your progress gets derailed by unforeseen events? Our Run Plan Modification Service provides just the solution you need in these situations.

Here’s how it works: When something comes up and you feel you need to have the training plan you’re currently following modified in order to get back on track or stay on track toward your goal, let us know. We’ll then gather the information we need from you and make the necessary adjustments to your workout schedule. The cost of this service is $15 per week of training modified. Note that this service is available for run plans only at this time.

One-on-One Coaching

Coach Matt offers one-on-one coaching services to runners and triathletes of all levels. Here's how it works: The process begins with a video consultation where your new coach gets to know you as an athlete. From there, Matt guides you through your training with fully customized week-by-week training schedules delivered through the TrainingPeaks platform. Matt will monitor your training daily, offering feedback and answering questions as necessary. One-on-one clients are also entitled to a weekly video check-in and Matt is always on call when an urgent situation arises.

The cost of the service is $400/month for runners and $500/month for triathletes. Billing is done month by month and there is no long-term commitment.

Coach David is currently not taking on additional clients.