Letters to the Coaches: Daily Workout Order


I sometimes have to do the workout for a particular day in a different order than specified in the plan. For example, today calls for a swim, then a run. Due to my schedule today I need to do the run and then the swim. How big a deal is that?

I know some of the days where there is a bike and a run they specifically say it’s not a brick and to not do them together, etc…

Thx for your feedback,



The daily workout order in your plan is based what we feel is best for a typical triathlete, but there are exceptions and it is not a problem to make some changes. To answer your direct question on swimming, for example, most triathletes have swimming as a weakness, and typically that weakness is caused by technique. Swimming when completely fresh will usually lead to better technique, swimming when fatigued can reinforce poor technique. Strong and experienced swimmers don’t have this problem and con usually swim well under almost any conditions. Or, if the swim is separated by hours and hours of rest, fatigue is less likely to impact your swim technique.

On days with both a bike and run workouts, we schedule and recommend that you split them up morning and evening. If you can’t, then perform the workout with the most intensity first so that you can gain maximum fitness during those tough intervals. For example, if you run for an hour right before your interval bike ride, that fatigue from the run means you’re less likely to build fitness on the bike. An exception is the scheduled or optional bricks in your plan, where we do want you to run when fatigued in order to simulate the stress of racing.