Mini Courses

Mini Courses
Education Series


Dealing with Setbacks

This mini course is focused on exploring the psychological aspects of sports injury and provides tips and tools for coaches to support their athletes.

Mastering Sales to Grow your Coaching Business

This 80/20 Learning Mini-Course Presented by Coach Michelle Lake, will provide a clear process for coaches to master their sales - leading to business growth.

Our mini courses are short, topic specific and  on-demand courses. They dive into specific topics, presented by our 80/20 Coaching Team.   They take about 1-2 hours to complete (but you have access to them for as long as we are in business) and includes additional resources on key topics.  Our mini course offerings will be growing as we continue to provide these shorter focused learning opportunities.  These courses are included in our Coaching Certification enrollment and renewal, but we have also made them available to anyone interested in learning more about key topics related to endurance participation and coaching.