Run Level Comparison – 80/20 Endurance

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Which level is right for you?

Not sure what level or intensity type is right for you? Each 80/20 plan comes with a Level Guarantee. If you discover that the level or type you have selected is too hard or too easy for you, simply contact us for a complimentary switch to a different level or type within the same plan distance.

Distance and LevelBest ForWeeksPeak Hours per weekAverage Hours per WeekRequired RunsCross-train OptionsTotal WorkoutsTypical Week
Marathon Level 0Beginners, Masters1853:345334875 Run, 2 days off
Marathon Level 1Low volume, Masters186.54:3154531076 Run, 1 day off
Marathon Level 2Advanced athletes187.55:4266481146 Run, 1 day off
Marathon Level 3Elite athletes18107:4676691459 Run
Half Marathon Level 0Beginners, Masters1543:004430745 Run, 2 days off
Half Marathon Level 1Low volume, Masters1553:564643896 Run, 1 day off
Half Marathon Level 2Advanced athletes156.55:035544997 Run
Half Marathon Level 3Elite athletes1597:1369611309 Run
10K Level 0Beginners, Masters123.52:313327605 Run, 2 days off
10K Level 1Low volume, Masters1243:083636726 Run, 1 day off
10K Level 2Advanced athletes1264:444534797 Run
10K Level 3Elite athletes128.56:3864431079 Run
5K Level 0Beginners, Masters932:203113445 Run, 2 days off
5K Level 1Low volume, Masters942:563419536 Run, 1 day off
5K Level 2Advanced athletes964:264123647 Run
5K Level 3Elite athletes975:124724718 Run
Ultra 50 mile/100 K Level 0Beginners, Masters1995:3993n/a935 Run, 2 days off
Ultra 50 mile/100 K Level 1Low volume, Masters19106:45112n/a1126 Run, 1 day off
Ultra 50 mile/100 K Level 2Advanced athletes19127:36124n/a1247 Run
Ultra 50 mile/100 K Level 3Elite athletes19139:00158n/a1588 Run
Ultra 100 mile Level 0Beginners, Masters22105:52108n/a1085 Run, 2 days off
Ultra 100 mile Level 1Low volume, Masters22117:00130n/a1306 Run, 1 day off
Ultra 100 mile Level 2Advanced athletes22127:50143n/a1437 Run
Ultra 100 mile Level 3Elite athletes22149:06182n/a1828 Run
Run MaintenanceTraining inbetween plans123.52:363426605 Run, 2 days off