80/20 Zone Calculator – 80/20 Endurance

80/20 Endurance Zone Calculator

If you have one of our convenient 80/20 Endurance electronic plans, your custom zones are auto-calculated directly within each workout and this calculator is not necessary. Otherwise, use this calculator to identify your individual training intensity zones. For details on determining LTHR, TP, CV, and FTP, please see Intensity Guidelines for Triathlon and Running. You don't need an 80/20 training plan or TrainingPeaks account to utilize the calculator. Use the Reset button below to reset values. This calculator performs best on a desktop or tablet.

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Ready to make your training time more effective? 80/20 Run and Triathlon on-line plans will result in less time planning and more time succeeding.

80/20 Endurance on-line plans include:

  • Workouts on compatible devices that display your custom 80/20 zones
  • Automatic daily workout sync to a wide range of devices. Just wake up and your workout is already on your device
  • Native 80/20 zones within the TrainingPeaks platform. No more manually adjusting zones
  • Calendaring, daily planning, and adjustment of your plan within the TrainingPeaks smartphone and desktop apps

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