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Why Your Easy Run Paces Should Be Wildly Erratic

By Matt Fitzgerald | December 11, 2017

Easy runs get no love. Whenever a video is made of elite runners in training, it’s always some type of workout that’s filmed (a track session, hill repetitions, a long run at marathon pace), never an easy run. This is the case despite the fact that easy runs are the foundation of any good training […]

Letters to the Coaches: Creating a Level 4 Plan

By David Warden | December 8, 2017

Hello David, Hope you are well. I purchased the 80/20 level three plan back in June and used it to train for my first marathon. I loved it! It helped me to a 3:24 in NYC. I am looking to shave some time off and am running my second in March. I know there is […]

Why Don’t 4-Hour Marathoners Train Like 3-Hour Marathoners?

By Matt Fitzgerald | December 6, 2017

A friend of mine ran the California International Marathon recently. CIM is known for producing more Boston Marathon qualifiers (relative to field size) than any marathon other than Boston itself, and indeed my friend’s goal was to BQ. As a 40-year-old male, he needed to finish in 3:12, give or take, to claim a slot. […]

Letters to the Coaches: Daily Workout Order

By David Warden | November 30, 2017

David, I sometimes have to do the workout for a particular day in a different order than specified in the plan. For example, today calls for a swim, then a run. Due to my schedule today I need to do the run and then the swim. How big a deal is that? I know some […]

How to Train (and Eat) during the Winter

By Matt Fitzgerald | November 29, 2017

Many runners don’t know how to train during the winter. They know that they should train, but they lack a clear sense of the purpose of winter workouts. And if you don’t know why you’re running, it’s difficult to determine how to run. Assuming you wish to be in good racing shape for one or […]

Letters to the Coaches: Alignment of 80/20 Heart Rate and Power Zones

By David Warden | November 27, 2017

David, I am pushing through first weeks with Garmin + Stryd to track it. I noticed that my power zone 2 running results in running in HR zone X calculated on your calculator for threshold HR delivered by my Garmin fenix 5. Would it be a clear sign that I overstated my threshold Power? Is […]

Become a Better Pacer with These Simple Games

By Matt Fitzgerald | November 22, 2017

Pacing is the art of getting to the finish line of a race in the least amount of time possible given the current state of your body (fitness and fatigue levels, etc.) and external conditions. Generally, this requires that you distribute your effort quite evenly throughout the race and that this evenly distributed effort leave […]

Letters to the Coaches: When and How to Test Zones

By David Warden | November 16, 2017

Dear David W, I’m going to buy your plan for the level 3 half marathon plan. I have a race (in Madrid, Spain) on April 8 which by my calculations will have me starting Dec 31/Jan 1… I had a bike wreck in a triathlon a few months ago that resulted in broken bones, concussion, […]

Think a Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet Might Help Your Running? Think Again!

By Matt Fitzgerald | November 14, 2017

One of the hottest areas of research in exercise science lately concerns the effects of low-carbohydrate, high-fat (LCHF) diets on endurance athletes. The latest addition to the literature on this subject comes from a study led by A.J. Heatherly at Middle Tennessee State University and published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. Eight […]

Letters to the Coaches: Frequency of Hard and Easy Workouts

By David Warden | November 12, 2017

Hi Matt, I just finished reading your book 80/20 Running. I liked the basic idea and I also have experienced my biggest fitness gains with mostly slow exercising. But I have one question that I did not find an answer – but maybe there was.. As a triathlete I currently do hard and slow workouts […]