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runner holding his leg due to muscle shrinking

Are Your Muscles Shrinking and Getting Tighter? Good! (If you’re a runner)

By Matt Fitzgerald | April 23, 2018

Recently one of the athletes I coach (we’ll call him Scott) came to me with some concerns about the results of his latest DEXA scan and weigh-in. Although he had lost both overall weight and body fat, he had also lost some muscle mass, and the body-fat percentage in his arms had increased slightly. Scott […]

How’s Your Metacognition? If You’re an Endurance Athlete, You Should Care!

By Matt Fitzgerald | April 16, 2018

The weekend before last I did a 10-mile run. Under normal circumstances, such a workout is no big deal, but I am coming back from an injury and this one did not go terribly well. Having done a succession of eight-mile runs every other day over the preceding week, I was hoping to feel comfortable, […]

Introducing the 80/20 Workout Library

By Matt Fitzgerald | April 9, 2018

Unless you’ve been hermetically siloed within the endurance space for as long as you’ve been exercising, you’ve probably heard of muscle confusion. Popular in the vanity-oriented fitness realm, muscle confusion is the idea that muscles undergo the greatest adaptation to training when they are subjected to constantly changing stimuli, and the corresponding practice of mixing […]

Hyperindividualism – Should You Train Your DNA or Train for Your Event?

By Matt Fitzgerald | April 2, 2018

We live in a highly individualistic society, a situation that has both pluses and minuses. On the plus side, our children tend to grow up with a sense of freedom to choose their own path in life. On the minus side, a growing percentage of us are burdened by feelings of loneliness and isolation that […]

Seiler’s Hierarchy of Endurance Training Needs

By Matt Fitzgerald | March 26, 2018

If I could clone myself a few times for the sake of taking different paths in life, I would definitely dedicate one of my clones to the pursuit of sports science. This being impossible with current technology, I choose instead to live vicariously through the individual sports scientists who are tackling the questions I would […]

Understanding the Difference Between Rest and Recovery

By Matt Fitzgerald | March 15, 2018

Recently I received an email message from an athlete who is following one of my online training plans. In it, he asked, “Why do you only have one day off every three weeks?” Although I did not ask the athlete why he asked this question, my assumption was that he was accustomed to training plans […]

Heart Rate Training is Dead, Long Live Heart Rate Training!

By David Warden | March 12, 2018

I remember my first heart rate monitor. A Polar S720i. It used infrared to download data. Infrared! The first time I wore it, it felt like magic. The device was a key to unlock secrets about my body I could have never observed before. I wore it when I exercised, I wore it all day, […]

Low-Carb? Nope. Low-Fat? Nope. High-Quality? Yep.

By Matt Fitzgerald | March 5, 2018

American diet culture has been macronutrient-obsessed for decades, and I’ve been exasperated by this obsession since I first started paying attention to it in the late 1990s. During this period, efforts to identify the “best” diet and the “right” way to eat have been narrowly focused on carbohydrate, fat, and protein. Which of these calorie […]

Why You Shouldn’t Choose a Training Plan Based on a Time Goal

By Matt Fitzgerald | February 26, 2018

If you’re like many other endurance athletes, you have probably followed a readymade training plan at one time or another. Perhaps you found it in a book, or maybe you purchased it online from a website such as Final Surge or TrainingPeaks. If so, then you know that readymade plans are generally classified by race […]

what is healthy eating for runners

Did You Get Enough to Eat?

By Matt Fitzgerald | February 19, 2018

Eating too much is a widespread problem in America. That’s why more than 70 percent of men and women over the age of 20 are overweight or obese. And while there are plenty of clowns running around blaming individual nutrients or food types for these numbers, the simple fact is that overweight and obesity are […]

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